Using Copper Project To Make Decisions

Continuing on the theme of making fantastic decisions, today we’ll show you exactly how Copper can help you get things right the first time.

Drag and Drop Calendar Tool in Copper Project Management Software
Track your time easily using the Copper calendar.  Pinpoint important dates, like when your decision needs to be made, and also when other events will impact your decisions.  You don’t want movie night to ruin an important high-level business meeting.

In addition to the handy drag-and-drop calendar, there is a To Do page that tracks your tasks and timers so you can schedule what needs to be done within a certain day.

Billing and Accounting Tools in Copper Project Management Software
Make sure your decisions are financially sound.  Don’t accidentally overinvest in a new asset – better to hold off on that new coffeemaker if you need to spend more on marketing.

People & Organizations:
People and Organizations tool in Copper Project Management Software
Determine your manpower for the new project you’re considering, or look over the number of contacts you have to assess your potential resources.  Think about whose opinions carry the heaviest weight and who will influence the outcome of your decision the most.  If Mr. Smith from senior management doesn’t like your decision to start on Client B’s project while Client A’s is still unfinished, will your paycheck be in danger?  Or, if you’re lucky enough to be your own boss, do you have enough contacts available to help market your new product line?

Project Management Tool in Copper Project Management Software
Check all of your projects’ statuses and deadlines on one page.  Looking at the bigger picture all at once can help put things into perspective, especially if you’re deciding where your time would be well spent.

Even better, the Project Report page will offer detailed information on your specific projects, giving you what you need to make an informed decision.


Now that you know how exactly Copper Project Management Software can help you make the best decisions of your career, pick up your free trial today and let us know how you like it!

Sara Border is a blogger for Copper.  When decisions need to be made, she makes them with an iron fist and a gavel.