Xero users, we want you!

***UPDATE – This is now a feature in our current version, please sign up if you would like to try the new v5 and Xero integration***

I am looking at the new v5 in our testing environment, and it’s a little bit sexy. The interface is sexy, the simplified feature set is sexy, but almost trumping them all is our first integration, with Xero.

I have plans this week about posting further about what we’ve got coming up with v5, but first I wanted to tell you all about our Xero integration, what it means for you, when it will be available, and why it’s so exciting.

A couple of months ago we got in contact with the Xero folks and told them about our plans to integrate. In short, they were as excited as we were about tying two complementary products together, closing the loop for creative consultants who want to quickly setup and quote on new work, execute that work, and invoice for it (and yeah, maybe get paid too!).

If you use MYOB or quickbooks, and are a US, Australian, European, or New Zealand customer, I would HIGHLY recommend you look at migrating your existing accounting toolset to Xero. We’ve used it for years now, are proud that our geographical cousins in New Zealand are blazing the trail, and proud as punch to soon be on their partner page.

But down to business. In Copper, we’ve added a couple of key features that are going to hit projects and invoicing OUT OF THE PARK, here they are:

  1. New Timer – We’ve improved the existing Timer so that you can quickly create a stopwatch for ANY task, and monitor your progress before posting your time and %.
  2. New Roles & Rates – We now have a Roles and Rates table, which allows you to quickly set up the common ‘roles’ that exist in your organization, give them a cost and a charge rate, and give your people a default Role so that Copper knows how much to charge.
  3. In Budgets, we have a new function which is “Send to Xero”. Quite simply, you create your invoice from the hours and materials that were required to complete that project (or section of it) then you hit “Send to Xero”. You’re done! The invoice automatically appears in Xero ready for any tweaking and sending to your customer
  4. Finally, we’ve obscured budgets, so that only people with Project access will be able to see and manage budget information. Anyone else just needs task access. Less clutter, more work. (Something you’re going to see more of around here).

For now here’s a quick screen. If you want to get involved with this, please sign up for a free trial and email me with your details.

Xero Project Management Software

Copper now sends its invoices to Xero


Thanks for your continued support. Remember to tell your friends, colleagues and countrymen about Copper!