New version coming soon v5.0

So, over here at Copper labs the last 18 months have been focussed on our internal systems, and generally refining how we get things done (Yay!). But not so much on new major features (Boo!). We were definitely hit hard by the downturn, as I’m sure all of our customers were.

But we’ve turned the corner. And so we get to build new goodies. Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to let you all know that we are now in the process of building the fifth instalment of our little Project Management Software, Copper v5.0, codenamed “Melbourne”.

Let’s take a look at how we’re going to do that.

Firstly, we’ve captured a mountain of data over the last couple of years, and we have extracted and analyzed the usage of the current build of Copper. We know quantitatively which features you use, which features you don’t, how long you take to do things, and how you go about searching/sorting/finding things. The results have been absolutely FLABBERGASTING.

In the month of March, across our entire customer-based on, the Files, Contacts,  Calendar, and Reports modules represented a COMBINED TOTAL of just 6.86% of page views! By comparison the Project and To Do modules represented around 79.2% of page views. In a quirky stat, more error pages were viewed than the Contacts module!

While we need to be careful about what this really means (Does the Files module need fixing or flicking? Do we have too many errors!?) it does go a long way to supporting our view on the upcoming People module, as well as supporting our long-held thoughts on how best to consolidate Copper functionality into a more simple structure and interface so you can get more done.

Secondly, we’ve released our annual survey which we hope you have two minutes to complete. This will enable us to tailor our product and marketing around you, ensuring we have qualitative data to go with our quantitative data. Even if you’re not a current Copper customer please complete a survey and you will go into the draw to win an iPad 3. Its the perfect opportunity to provide your feedback on what you’d like to see in v5.0

Click here to fill out a survey

Finally, we are inviting you to become a beta customer for version 5.0. Over the coming weeks we’ll be releasing a Beta build to our nominated customers who will have access to new features. If you’re interested in being a BETA tester (current customers only) please email us at with the subject “Beta Customer Request”

In summary, we’re really looking to capture a lot of market-share with this next version, which will help us provide better products and services and help EVERYONE turn the corner into new areas of efficiency and profitability.



Ben Prendergast