New Version out now, v4.4.7

Ok so in the background we’ve started dev on some fairly major advances in the Copper world (See, some of which have been YEARS in their creation. However, in the mean time we continue to bring you new minor features and updates.

Hosted customers will already see this build as current, and self-hosted license customers will receive notification when this build is ready to download. New this version!!

– Redesign of Budgets/Quotes to allow for better Quoting/Invoicing
– Removed Status column for invoices (this will be reintroduced later)
– Fix for Task Ordering issue (was still sorting New Tasks to top after refresh. Fixed)
– Addition of Spanish Language Pack
– Improvements under the hood to improve load times
– Refinements to Alerts System

If you’re a customer and would like to be a beta tester for new features as they first become available, please let us know via