A message from a long-term customer

This is why we love building and refining Copper. What other job would offer the honour of being privvy to hundreds of different business models across the globe, all with a single purpose, to better manage their businesses and add value to their customers in turn.

This is from W. Ross Wells, from ZenFilm in Texas.

We started our company in September of 2005 in the living room of our house… after years of operating much larger production facilities… the paradigm for production was changing and we saw that smaller, lower overhead, aggressive little shops might have the staying power in the changing media climate.

4 years later… we have 9 employees and we have experienced exponential client and revenue growth.. Copper has been with us ever since we added our first employee… it has grown with us and honestly it is part of the family.

You made an extremely high end management system available to us when we had no cash to spend… and now that things are better… we have a really high performance platform to run our company with.
It means a lot that you are doing well… sometimes we dont stop to think how far we’ve come… we have come a long way and you have helped us do it.

Sincere thanks and best wishes for many more years of partnership.

Thanks Ross, as discussed we’ll beer it up next time I’m State-side.

– Ben Prendergast