Small things, CrossFit, Popurls, etc.

This week I thought I’d take a look at another round of web oddities:

Always last to hear of that great new internet site/story/video/drama/fad (if you can’t make it to my blog that is)? Popurls is like a Top 40 chart for interpop-culture.


2. Check out Nokia’s Small World Contest, A Gallery of Beautiful Tiny Things

Gym junkies, Pilates Prophets, you have been warned! CrossFit is what the US Navy Seals use to keep in shape (the human kind, not the bomb-diffusing trained sea-lionss), these workouts are H.A.R.D. HARD, woot!

Poodwaddle, because sometimes you just need a real-time clock showing Global warming, HIV infections and other global abominations.

5. Giotto Premium Coffee Machine = Uber sexy caffeination
Although currently on detox, I’d give my left-kidney to get back into coffee-culture. When I do get back on the caffeine pony it will be with the sexiest Coffee machine on the planet.


– Ben Prendergast