An Apple for Christmas

This morning we see another round of releases with the new Nano, Classic, and Touch versions being released.

Heading up the charge is the wonderful iPod Touch in 8gb ($419) and 16gb ($549) variants. The iPod Touch is a widescreen video-audio-web extravaganza, effectively the iPhone without the Phone. In an Apple first however, the product includes full iTunes Store support, so now you can download that latest album anywhere you like. I do wonder however if 16gb is enough for people to shift across from their larger capacity iPods.

Which brings us to the update to the iPod, now called the iPod Classic, now available in a massive 160gb storage capacity and starting at $349AUD. This is my choice for an ultra-portable music device, but more so as a removable backup device for all my files. Now with Coverflow (a really great way to browse your collection by album art) and in black and metallic finishes, its just a little it sexy!

Finally we see the replacement to the popular iPod Nano, which has historically been a strong Holiday season seller, and now features a redesign including a 2″ display for Video, from $199. Now my kids can get their Wiggles on in audio AND video, and I get my plasma back! **Wiggles frantic pointing hand motion**

– Ben Prendergast