Tracking​ ​Time​​Manually

Click to expand the task you wish to update, then click the “Add your time and comment” box in the right column. Enter a description of your activity, then add the hours spent and click Save. (Note: you can add your time and comments via the To Do view, Project view, or via the Timer)

Tracking​ ​Time​ ​Automatically​​With​ ​Copper’s​ ​Timer

You can start your timer for a particular task within the task . Once you begin working on a specific task, open that task and click on the Clock icon to start the timer. Once you are done working on that task, hover over your “My Tasks” tab, put in your comments and click save. This will automatically save the time you have worked. You may also choose to pause your timer for short breaks, or cancel it all together if you would like to delete the time you have tracked.

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