My Tasks & Timers

The My Tasks view shows all of the tasks that you are currently on (including those you’re pinned to and require your specific input), and is the best place for team members to review and manage their day to day work. You can quickly review your tasks, start stopwatch Timers on any task to track your time, post your time and comments, Pin tasks to teammates, highlight urgent tasks, and upload task related files.

Reviewing your Tasks

Click the My Tasks icon in the main menu, and all of your Tasks (To Do’s) are listed along with the Project and Organization they belong to, Start and End dates, Last activity, highlighter icon, and the Task Status widget which shows the hours estimated and logged and the % complete for that task.

Adding your Time and Comments

Click to expand the task you wish to update., then click the “Add your time and comment” box in the right column. Enter a description of your activity, then add the hours spent, optionally click the date icon to set a time/date other than today, and set the % complete for the task (This is a subjective measure and tells your project manager how complete you think the task is), and click Save. Remember you can add your time and comments via the To Do view, Project view, or via a Timer.

Starting a Task Timer

Expand any task and click Start Timer. A Timer will appear next to your avatar at top right of screen. You can go about your work, and when you wish to record your time, click the avatar, enter your time and comments, and click Save. You can optionally Pause or Cancel a Timer.

Pinning Tasks to Teammates

A Task can include a number of People on it, all of whom will see that Task in their To Do view, however sometimes you need to pass a task to a team mate, or alert them that they need to take over, which is where Pins come in. Simply click on their avatar in the People area of a task to “Pin” them!

Uploading and Reviewing Files

To upload a file to a Task, simply drag it to the files area where indicated, and wait for the upload widget to complete. To review a files, simply click on its file name and it will download to your local disk.

Highlighting Tasks

If you need to highlight a Task for any reason, for example to show that it is urgent, simply click the highlighter icon in either the To Do view or the Project Task view and that task will be highlighted.