Adding​ ​People​​New​ ​users

To add new users, click on the “People” tab > Add a person.
For adding an employee who will be working in Copper – First, enter a username, this is used for their username login. Then fill out any other personal details. You can assign the user role here (roles can be defined in “Settings”). Also make sure to set their email notification password and if they will be an Admin with full access. And most importantly, choose whether the “person” will be simply a reference inside Copper or given login access. Since we are making an employee, they will be able to login. Now
click save.


You can use organizations for various clients, if it’s just a single freelancer, or a vendor that’s an entire organization. At this point, only you (the admin) will have access to this information. Once you start creating projects and tasks, you can then pin the users you have created, which will then give them access to see the tasks or projects listed for the created organization.
From the Organization tab, click “Add an Organization”. Fill out the information as desired, click save.

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