The Projects area is used to setup your Project Management & Tasks, add People to them, and for day to day management and investigation of your Projects. To view your projects, click on the Project icon in the main menu. Here is a list of all the projects you currently have access to, along with the Organization the project belongs to, the Person who is pinned to the project, start and end date, and the Project status widget (which shows status of the project, and % complete). You can sort by any column by clicking on the column header.

From the Project menu drop down you can create a new project, import MS Project XML (or exported Copper Project XML), view archived projects, or get help.

Reviewing your Projects and Tasks

Click on the Project name in the Project List view to see the main Project breakdown along with the tasks that are required to complete that project. You can also access tabs for the Timeline (gantt), Budget (Invoicing and Xero), and Reports.

In the Project breakdown area you can review Tasks just like in the To Do view. Firstly, expand a task by clicking on its icon to the left of the task title. Click to edit the description of the task, review and add People to the task, Pin a specific Person as most important, review the comments and time posted, upload/manage files that have been uploaded, and review the overall status (Hours estimated, Hours logged, and % complete).


Adding new Projects, Tasks, and allocating People

Rollover the Project icon in the main menu and select New Project. From the new project screen, click each item to edit it, changing the Project Title, Organization, Start and End Date, Status, Colour, and Description as required. Next you can add your People to the project by clicking “Add a Person” and selecting the user. You can click on any Person to “Pin” them as the one most responsible at the current time. Note that anyone with access to this Organization will already be listed in the users area by default.

Next you can add your Tasks by clicking “Add a Task”. Again you can click each item to edit it, such as description, start and end dates, Estimated hours (White box in the status widget at right. The grey box is Actual hours and cannot be edited), and Description. Again you can add People to a task (if added to a task that task will appear in their To Do view). You can also drag files to have them upload to the task.


Creating hierarchies (sub-tasks) and reordering Tasks

In the task area, move your mouse to the left of the task title until you see the crosshair cursor, then Drag and Drop tasks to set up a hierarchy or to reorder them. You can also click the highlighter icon to highlight the task as urgent (which shows for all other users both here and in the To Do view).

Using the Project Timeline

The Project Timeline allows project managers to accurately review and manipulate the project timeline, continually showing the % status and the project/task delivery dates as the project progresses. You can use the timeline to estimate when a project will be completed at the outset, or to keep all stakeholders informed on progress during the project.

You can drag the project or its tasks, and Copper will automatically shift items depending on their hierarchies. For instance, you can drag a whole project and all of its tasks will move accordingly, or you can drag a task on its own and only its subtasks will move with it. You can also review the hours estimated/logged for a task, and update estimated hours based on the surplus/deficit that Copper tracks for you.


Uploading and Managing Files

Files are always attached to either a Task or a Project, ensuring that only those People with permissions for those items will see the respective Files. The Files tab within a Project shows all of the Files that have been uploaded to Tasks or to the Project. To upload a new file, you can drag a file to the files area of a Task, or from within the Tasks tab inside a Project. Ensure the file has completed uploading before switching to another page or closing your browser.

Project Templates (Copy a Project)

Creating Project templates is simply a matter of Copying an existing Project that you’ve had success with and saving it with a “Template” name (e.g. “Web Design Template”) and setting its Organization to a “Templates” organization that you’ve created. Simply go to the Project you wish to create a template for and click the “Copy” action underneath the Project title. This powerful feature allows you to quickly create a new Project based on any one of the templates that you’ve previously created. The new Project will have its tasks, timeline, and files preserved to ensure you and your client have an accurate idea of how long a project might take.

Importing and Exporting Project Data

You can import/export MS Project XML files to quickly create or share your project information. You can also export a Project report in CSV & PDF formats.

Creating Project Reports

To create project specific Reports, click on the Project Analysis tab, select the period, select your optional items and click “Create Project Analysis” to display the report.

Archiving or Deleting a Project

To archive a project, go to the project view and click on the status in the Project status widget (e.g. “In Progress”) and set it to “Archived”. Archived projects only appear when selecting “View Archived” from the Project menu. To delete a project, go to the project view and click “Delete” under the project title. Note that ALL project information will be removed, and this is irreversible (thus the serious warning popup if you try).