Settings & Customization

The Settings area within Copper allows you to change system-wide settings such as language and labels, appearance items like logos and home images, billing items such as charge rates and tax, and data backups and restoration.

Changing General Settings

Click on the Settings icon in the main menu, and you’ll be presented with the General settings tab. In here you can change the number of items displayed in a list, currency symbol, Time Zone, and Default Language used in Copper. In addition, you can change email notification preferences, and appearance options.

Changing Billing Settings (including Xero Setup)

Click on the Budgets & Billing tab in Settings, and you can change the Default terms and tax rate, add or change the billing rates for Roles, and Connect your account to Xero by clicking “Connect to Xero”

Importing/Exporting Databases (Including Basecamp)

Click on the “Import/Export” tab in the Settings area. Here you can export your Copper database, Import a stored Copper database (warning this will remove any information entered since the date of the restore file) and Import a Basecamp XML file.

Customizing Logo and Login Image

You can customize Copper to reflect your organisations branding and style by clicking on the General tab in the Settings area and uploading your company logo and/or a login home image.

Customizing Language and Labels

You can set the language used in the General area, however the Labels tab allows you to change any label, such as the login message (“Let’s get it done”). To do this, go to the Label Editor tab inside settings, search for the item you wish to change, and then add your new value and click “Save”. (E.g. you might prefer “Clients” to “Organizations”).