5 Project Management Trends Shaping 2018



Project managers need to be aware of the latest trends in order to make the best use of the available opportunities. They should know the recent trends and embraced them to improve efficiency and productivity in managing the project team.

Trends in the project management environment are geared towards achieving improved productivity. Here we have identified five key project management trends that every project manager should know going into 2018.

1. Blended Project Management Methodology

Increasing number of companies are finding that there is no one-size-fits-all project management methodology. As a result, they are adopting blended techniques that are derived from different aspects of Waterfall, Scrum, and agile techniques. The updated PRINCE2 guidelines also include information on adjusting the methodology to the environment. This trend toward context-specific blended methodology is driven by the goal of improving flexibility to gain project efficiencies.

2. Data Driven Decisions

Another major trend that is shaping 2018 is the drive towards big data-driven decisions. Big data focuses on collecting data and mapping them in a way to allow critical decision making. The technique can be used to predict project emergencies, cost overruns, and also anticipate project changes. The data-driven decisions lead to improved efficiencies leading to project success.

3. Distributed Teams

More companies are implementing the use of technology to manage distributed teams. They are using online project management software for remote team management. The trend will contribute to improved productivity and efficiency of the team. It will continue going-hand-to-hand with other collaborative trends as employees are seeking flexibility within the workplace. The fact that managing remote teams entails less operational costs continues to fuel this trend.

4. Increased Use of AI Analytics

Project management is all about using resources efficiently. This requires analyzing different metrics to gauge project efficiency. Increasing number of project managers are using benchmark tools that can help in gauging the effectiveness of the team progress. The tools allow them to know how the performance of the team compares with the benchmark. They also help in finding out about cost and budget overruns.

With the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, the process of analyzing performance will become automated. AI analytics allow more accurately finding out the project bottlenecks and taking decisions to ensure successful project completion.

5. Data Privacy Management Solutions

With the increasing use of cloud solutions, it’s no surprise that companies are putting increased focus on data privacy management solutions. They are looking for robust cyber security solutions such as cloud signature technologies that will ensure that the data remains secure.

As we move into the New Year, project managers should reflect on the past performance and also look ahead. They need to remain updated about the recent trends and adjust the activities accordingly. The effort will be worth it, in the end, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.