Difference between PMI PBA® and IIBA CBAP®

Getting the right project management certification can greatly help in successfully managing a project. The certification space for project-focused business analysts has been dominated by two key players International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and Project Management Institute (PMI).

In this article, we will compare PBA® that is offered by PMI and CBAP® that is offered by IIBA. After reading this article, you will be able to solve the dilemma as to which of the two certifications is better for project-focused business analysts.

What’s the Difference Between PMI PBA® and IIBA CBAP®?

PMI PBA® has been introduced in the market for project managers to improve their business analysis skills. While it was released later than IIBA CBAP® program, it was able to gain a large following mainly due tohuge following of PMI.

When it comes to requirements, IIBA CBAP® requires that individuals have at least 7,500 hours’ experience in project-focused business analysis. The experience must be aligned with the competencies that are defined in the BABOK® Guide. Also, the work experience should be gained in the last ten years.

On the other hand, PMI PBA® requires only 4,000 hour’s work experience of project-focused business analysis. Of these around 2000 hours can relate to managing project teams.

If you have limited time and monetary resources, you might be wondering which of the two is better for you. Although, it is not easy to say which certification will suit your present job circumstances and your career aspirations, there are certain guidelines that can help in selecting the right certification.

  • In case you are currently in a project-focused business analyst role, and want to play a bigger role, you should opt for IIBA’s CBAP® certification. Taking the course will help you to improve your business analyses skills and discover how you can provide greater value to the organization when managing projects at a senior level position.
  • In case you are currently in a project-focused business analyst role, and want to remain at the post, and your organization follows PMI’s project management guidelines, it’s recommended that you opt for PMI’s PBA®. The certification will allow you to gain more internal credibility.
  • In case you are targeting a project-focused business analyst position, you can opt for either IIBA’s CBAP® or PMI-PBA®. You can also enroll in both the certifications if you have the time and resources. Getting the certifications will give you a slight edge when searching for a project-focused business analyst position.
  • In case you have already signed up for CBAP® or PBA®, you should complete the course. You can always pick up the other once you have completed the certification. Leaving the course midway after enrolling in a certification course is not a smart move.

In the end, PMI’s PBA® and IIBA’s CBAP® certifications are geared for project-focused business analysts. Both the courses can provide valuable information for project managers to improve business analysis skills. This will in turn help in more efficient task management that will provide maximum benefit to the organization.