6 Tips for Successfully Managing Mobile App Development Project

Managing a mobile application development project can be a challenging prospect. Not only the project costs have to remain within the budget, but a number of system constraints have to be met. In this article, we will share some tips that can help project managers to expertly manage mobile application projects.

1. Review System Guidelines 

The foremost step that a project manager should take before executing the project is to review the guidelines for the platform. iPhone and android platforms have different guidelines for the apps. Not conforming to the guidelines will result in rejection of the application.

The case in point is that it’s important that you know about these guidelines beforehand to avoid making revisions later on, which will increase the cost of the project. Consider discussing the application guidelines with the customers to ensure that they are not caught off guard.

2. Get Written Input

This is a no-brainer but you should consider getting written input from the client regarding the application requirements. A formal document that contains all the customer requirements regarding the application will help in task management during the execution phase. If you don’t get a verbal agreement before the start of the project, it will reduce confusions later on.

3. Team up with the Stakeholders

Collaboration with the stakeholders is especially important in application development projects. You should use a reliable collaboration software to team up with customers, management, and the employees. The two-way interaction using a project management software will prove invaluable in ensuring successful closure of the projects.

4. Request the Customer About Test Cases

Another important advice when managing application development projects is to request the customer to provide you with QA test cases. This will assure the customers that the quality tests will be made according to their exact requirements. Again, getting input from the customer regarding test cases will result in a speedy closure of the projects.

5. Make the App Compatible with Latest OS Version

Changes occur in the mobile OS changes at a quick pace. Both Google and Apple regularly launch new SDKs that come with improved function calls. Most mobile phone users quickly update the OS to the latest one. You should share statistics with the end customers to convince them about using the latest SDK for the mobile app development. Using the latest SDK will not only ensure that the mobile app runs smoothly on the latest platforms, but also save weeks in development.

6. Make the Application Compatible with Different Phones

Developing apps for iPhones is relatively straightforward. However, this is not the case with Android phones. There are different device capabilities and phone resolutions. Make sure to consult with the customer regarding the compatibility of the app for different Android devices.  Also, ensure that the QA team use the appropriate phone to test the application.

Using a project management software is essential when managing mobile app development. Mobile app projects have certain unique requirements that every project manager must know. The above tips will greatly help in ensuring successful project deliverables regarding the mobile app development.