All new Copper 2008.

We just launched the new version of our Project Management Software, Copper 2008.

The origins behind this latest version can be dated back five or six years ago when we first started looking at building a web-based collaboration tool for a (now defunct) design studio. Back then, as now, we wanted a simple tool that did 20% of what the other tools like MS Project did, but did it in a fashion that was inclusive, intuitive, and helpful. That we were a design studio capable of building a nice interface was a handy piece of luck, given our latest interface is perhaps still a key differentiator to other products on the market.At that time I had really keen ideas on what a good collaboration tool would do, but budgetary and time constraints meant that our early versions were always light on with features. Our first license sold in November 2002, for $99. Now, our flagship Enterprise version starts at $2999 and is world-class as evidenced by its amazing customer-base.

Over the years however our ‘customer requests’ list has slowly been eclipsed by our ‘offered features’ list, and we’ve come to build a product that people rely on daily to run their consultancies, just as we do. I’m sure (as our early ’soft launch’ figures would suggest) that some of you will come to discover this tool thinking it was a spring chicken, offered by a fledgling silicone valley company interested only in the opportunity for that next round of funding!

However I’m proud to say we’ve been profitable and self-funded since that very first license sale, and to this day the CEO reviews every single piece of feedback offered. In short, I’m proud of our customer base, and proud of our little team’s effort in bringing this new version to fruition.

For the first time in six years I can truly say that we’re offering a product with unique features not found in any other software tool. For example the latest version offers a ‘business defrag’ a function by which you can review and manage your entire resource pool workload, creating the same kind of incremental efficiencies for your business as Norton did with your hard drive 20 years ago.

Add this to the formidable set of features that gel together beautifully and you’ll forgive me doting on my little six year old as I send it out into the world, they grow up so fast!

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– Ben Prendergast