Five favourite finds

Yes, let’s continue with the five vibe.

Despite this blog regularly benefitting from stories posted on other blogs, I felt it was high time I shared with you all my Top Five Favourite Internet Resources for Awesomeness (TFIRA).

Some of these are related to entrepreneurialism, some relate to current technological affairs (like Today Tonight, albeit with a smattering of credibility) and some of them are just cool.

So let’s get started on the TFIRA, each link guaranteed to please*

  1. Trendwatching: I get this email once a month, and each month the trendwatching crew like to coin new marketing phenomena like “Trysumers”, “Customer-made”, and my favourite “Infolust”. This month we take a look at Female Fever, and no, it isn’t female menopause. Trendwatching is just wonderful Internetery! (that’s mine).
  2. Treehugger: Green goes Pop! Make Treehugger your favourite resource for reducing your (and your organisation’s) carbon footprint. A fantastic look into the collective conservational consciousness.
  3. Engadget: Yes, one of the most popular tech blogs going around, but nothing short of brilliant up-to-the-minute tech and gadget news to keep your inner-geek satiated.
  4. Music Thing: This one is a little more personal, but covers amazing music-related gadgets, rare YouTube performances, robots that play Guitar Hero, and uncovers things like the ugliest band ever.
  5. Littleladyluxe: This is an act of self-preservation, and OK maybe a pinch of pride. Each week my other half (who’s handy with a sewing machine) produces a new work. Each new item fondly reminds me that our credit card is safe for another week.

*Actual links may not please.

So, what are your favourite website sanctuaries?

– Ben Prendergast