A Few Words On The Weather

A series of enormous snow storms recently hit the eastern coasts of the United States and Canada, leaving tremendous destruction in their wake.  Areas in the southern US like Atlanta, Georgia and Raleigh, North Carolina were caught relatively unprepared for the snow and ice, causing wide-spread power loss and leaving cars stranded on highways, while parts of New England and eastern Canada have been hammered by up to two feet of snow with more expected to come.

In parts of southern Australia, a record setting heatwave that served as a catalyst for numerous bushfires was followed by deadly floods caused by torrential rains.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has been dealing with their own weather related troubles, as a superstorm with winds clocking in at over 160 kilometers per hour has caused widespread flooding and left over a quarter of a million homes without power in Ireland alone.

If you’re in one of the affected areas, we here at Copper hope you stay comfortable and safe until it all passes.  If you’re not currently dealing with those kinds of weather conditions, we hope that’s the way it stays.  Take care of yourselves, all of you.

Be careful out there.