Copper Enterprise launches

It’s here. Our premium project management product, Copper Enterprise 2007, designed specifically for those requiring more sophisticated functionality than our popular Corporate edition.

We’ve included a raft of brand new features, and hundreds of refinements, to allow you to collaborate more efficiently than ever.We’ve continued with our simple philosophy; to create the most elegant yet flexible project management system available for commercial teams. No overbloated functionality. No ugly interfaces. Just a beautiful tool that ensures your team just gets things done.

The new version is available now in two options. $2999 (100 users, with 12 months free updates) or for $299/month fully hosted.

Here are six key new features in 2007!

1.New, more efficient, wide-screen Interface. After reviewing the results of our yearly survey, we’ve produced a new interface that offers even greater efficiencies over the Corporate edition. We’ve increased the width of all pages, introduced a new compact navigation/breadcrumbs/action bar, and have added quicker data entry features throughout.

2. New Enterprise Timeline and Related Projects. Sub-projects, phases, super-tasks, sub-tasks! Whatever you call them, we’ve added a new feature called Related Projects to handle them. This new feature accompanies our new Enterprise timeline. Now you can display a timeline for a client’s entire project portfolio, or simply link interrellated projects giving further visibility and control over how projects and resources interrelate

3. New Resource Management.Another groundbreaking change to Copper is its new resource allocation feature. With it you can see at a glance what a resource is doing over the coming period, and allocate work as required, providing finite control over project and task alllocation for resources. View a users calendar we see which tasks and projects are starting and finishing for that period, view a users hours logged in the new timeline (including a comparison to what was committed). This new feature provides new visibility for resource and project efficiency, allowing you to quickly review and refine a project timeline.

4. New Import/Export features.Throughout Copper we’ve also added new import and export features. You can export a project to an MS Project XML File, import your contacts with vcard support, and export your entire database for external analysis. For Mac users, you can now sync your entire Springboard for convenient task tracking.

5. New Administration features.We’ve added new adminstration features such as LDAP integration, database backup, label editor, a refined permissions interface, and more. With these features you can further tailor Copper to suit your needs.

6. Futureproofing. Free of Charge Perhaps the best feature! All Enterprise customers receive 12 months of free updates and email/phone support. We’ve already started on our first update, with new Report options, extra integration options, and new accounting features in development. But we need your input to continue the inspired work, so there has never been a better time to come aboard!

– Ben Prendergast