A message from a long-term customer

This is why we love building and refining Copper. What other job would offer the honour of being privvy to hundreds of different business models across the globe, all with a single purpose, to better manage their businesses and add...

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New Standard v4, Single Codebase, Changelog.

We’re excited to announce that all of our plans are now under a single build, for the first time in Copper history! This means that from our Standard product at $29/mth, you now have access to the web’s best project...

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Follow us on Twitter!

Follow us on Twitter for updates, new releases, and other Copper news. Click here: @copperproject – Ben Prendergast

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We’re Hiring! Talented PHP/MySQL/CSS/AJAX Developer Wanted

First released in 2002 by Australian-based Element Software, Copper is a web-based project management software tool used by creative teams across the globe to manage their clients, tasks, projects, contacts and files. With a loyal client base, Copper is utilized...

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Roundup: Solar Panels, Wireless Electricity, Honda Segway, Minimal Cam.

This week I thought I’d blog about some of the tech that’s floating my boat at the moment. Solar Panel Roof Tiles Let’s kick off with this from Springwise: Solar panels build right into roof tiling, just genius, and a...

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How does Copper compare to MS Project?

I received this question today via email, and thought I’d post up my response: Q. How does copper compare to MS project software? Why use copper, what are the costs and how does it work better than MS project? A....

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