Copper Project Management Software and PRINCE2

Fresh from our Community, a question about Copper and Prince2. We’re much obliged to answer!

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March Special Offer & News

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Geek Squad, Great Branding.

Robert Stephens of Geek Squad,talks about being Remarkable, hiring smart and branding via the weird. Great stuff! be bold, and inspire your staff.

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The New Copper Community – Get Involved!

Introducing our new Copper Community. THE place to add your requests, suggestions, issues, and praise for the web’s best project management software. Help make it better! Spread the word. – Ben Prendergast

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License upgrade discount ends December! Only $749!

If you have a Corporate 2008 or Standard 2008 or earlier server license, take advantage of our special upgrade price of $749 for the very latest v4 codebase. A huge step up from previous versions, Pricing and Signup – Ben Prendergast

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A message from a long-term customer

This is why we love building and refining Copper. What other job would offer the honour of being privvy to hundreds of different business models across the globe, all with a single purpose, to better manage their businesses and add...

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