New version coming soon v5.0

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So, over here at Copper labs the last 18 months have been focussed on our internal systems, and generally refining how we get things done (Yay!). But not so much on new major features (Boo!). We were definitely hit hard by the downturn, as I’m sure all of our customers were. But we’ve turned the corner. And so we get … Read More

The New Copper Community – Get Involved!

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Introducing our new Copper Community. THE place to add your requests, suggestions, issues, and praise for the web’s best project management software. Help make it better! Spread the word. – Ben Prendergast

Bad PR: no such thing?

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This week let us laugh heartily at the misfortune of others, and ask ourselves, cautionary tale or useful spin?Firstly Mattel, who last week famously recalled a number of products, saving our children (and fetishists) from the horrors of lead poisoning. While the Mattel share price took a 2.4% hit, according to Hitwise the websites of both Mattel and recorded … Read More