New version coming soon v5.0

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So, over here at Copper labs the last 18 months have been focussed on our internal systems, and generally refining how we get things done (Yay!). But not so much on new major features (Boo!). We were definitely hit hard by the downturn, as I’m sure all of our customers were. But we’ve turned the corner. And so we get … Read More

New Version out now, v4.4.7

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Ok so in the background we’ve started dev on some fairly major advances in the Copper world (See, some of which have been YEARS in their creation. However, in the mean time we continue to bring you new minor features and updates. Hosted customers will already see this build as current, and self-hosted license customers will receive notification when … Read More

All new Copper 2008.

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We just launched the new version of our Project Management Software, Copper 2008. The origins behind this latest version can be dated back five or six years ago when we first started looking at building a web-based collaboration tool for a (now defunct) design studio. Back then, as now, we wanted a simple tool that did 20% of what the … Read More