Inspiration, how do you?

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Ok, a post from left field. Lets talk about inspiration. I want two sentences from you, but here are a few more from me first. My life over the last ten years has been predominantly focussed on liaising with creative teams who need our help getting themselves organized (hopefully with Copper). This has given me amazing insight into their creative … Read More

New Copper Project Site. At last!

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So, here you have it, the new Copper website. You don’t need to know much about it, other than it was created with much love, care, and tenderness, and took about six months longer than it should have! And if I’m being honest, will be subjected to another six months of tweaking, to make sure that prospective copper-ites can find … Read More

We want you! (2008 Inner Circle Program)

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Last week we launched our second annual Enterprise Inner Circle program, aimed at bringing on pre-order customers in order to fund the development of the Copper 4.0 product. We had some great responses, and now having completed our v4.0 specification (including 165 improvements) we need a certain number of participants in order to get started. The magic number is 30-40. … Read More