Solving Project Development Issues

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When you have a large project to complete you usually have several members of the company working together. Each company member is usually from a different department within the company, and although they are working together they are not working from the same room, or area.

Some of the problems that arise during project development are:

• Each department believes that their contribution to the project should take precedence over the contributions of other departments
• Managers that are stressed out trying to connect all of the different people, documents, and components
• A lack of complete understanding of the priorities in the project
• Lost documents or some participants not receiving all documentation
• Trouble communicating ideas, needs, and strategies
• Some departments might not be aware of changes so the whole team are not working together to create the ideal project
The traditional way of handling project complications during development is to have several meetings, have video chats, and send emails and make phone calls. That means that the head of the project must spend the majority of their time trying to keep everyone else involved with the project informed. That takes a lot of time and effort, and inevitably miscommunications are going to occur.

The traditional ways of solving issues will not suffice when you have many teams

Have you ever told someone something, and then they told it to someone else, and so on, until it gets back to you and what you hear is not even remotely, what you said? That is what happens when you try to play email and telephone tag amongst a group of individuals. Confusion sets in, documentation gets misplaced, and inevitably someone in the group of contacts will only receive a portion of the information and this leads to costly delays in project development.
If you choose to use Copper Project Management Software, then each member of the team working on the project will be able to log into the Copper account that you have and immediately see all of the details that they need to see in order to complete their work.

The Copper Project Management Software:

• Eliminates confusion because each team member sees the outlines for the goals, they see the work that has been done, they see all of the pertinent documentation, and they can leave progress reports for everyone else to see
• Allows team members to have full access to everything pertaining to the project without having to send emails and wait for the other party to respond.
• Everyone can see when the deadline for completion is, and what needs to be done to meet the deadline
• Everyone involved can see what the client thinks of the project work and what changes have been mandated and need to be implemented
Copper project management software is the perfect solution to the development issues that arise during the many phases of a project. This software allows everyone that needs to be connected to have the same information at the same time so the work can be completed in a timely manner.

Copper Project Management Allows Full Client Involvement; It’s Their Project!

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Copper Project Management Allows Full Client Involvement; It’s Their Project!

The Importance of Client Participation

Repeat business from previous clients is one of the best ways to keep your company running. If you want to have repeat business and have clients that are so pleased with your work that they recommend you to their friends and family, then you have to stay connected with them and make sure that you meet their needs. Copper project management software will provide you with the chance to do those things.
With Copper project management software, you can allow the client to participate in the decisions being made about their project. They can see what your team is doing, and if they see something they are not happy with, they can tell you immediately so changes can be made before the project has progressed too far.

Clients can approve decisions in real time

Having the client able to approve of decisions, see the progress, and see the amount of work that is going into their account will help them to appreciate your company, and your efforts. It also lets them feel like they are in charge instead of feeling like they are at your mercy.
Using Copper Project Management software allows you and your clients to be able to see the project and the steps that are taken to bring the project to completion. Your clients will be able to keep track of the progress that is being made and they will not be as apt to call your offices asking what is happening, or to get upset because they do not know what is happening. When your customer is informed they are happy.

It is as if the client is right there with the team!

Your team will be able to do the work they need to do and share links and documents with each other in a timely manner. They will not have to wait on each other to send email, or to answer an instant message. They can also send these documents and links to the client so the client sees everything. Everybody gets to have full disclosure and everyone knows what they need to do to proceed.
Copper Project Management software reduces the risk that anyone working on the project will lose their instructions, or will not be aware of a change that has been made. This software lets everyone work from the same place no matter what their physical location is. It creates a place where the documentation can be stored and everyone will have access to it. It also lets you be sure that no documents will be lost during the progression of the project.

Communication happens in real time – fast!

Using the Copper project management software will increase your ability to communicate exactly what is happening to your client. You will save time and money, and will increase your client satisfaction. This software will revolutionize how you communicate between working participants and the client you are working for.
Using Copper management software to increase your client satisfaction is easy, and one of the smartest decisions that you will make as a company leader. It is time to use the tools available and make things easier for everyone involved.

Working through Copper Project Management vs. Contact via Email

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Copper project management software allows groups of individuals to work on a project together, exchange ideas, make changes to the project, and efficiently control their portion of the project, even if they are hundreds or thousands miles apart. This software lets everyone involved with a project work at their own speed, at their own convenience, and still knows everything that is happening with the project.

Allows groups working on same project to coordinate easily

If groups of individuals within a company are working on one project together, they have to be able to communicate with each other, and to show each other what they have accomplished. Without proper communication then the project suffers. Copper project management software allows for the communication between people involved in the project to flow smoothly.
Many companies assign a project to several different people. The people involved may work in different departments, or even in different cities. One way that these people try and communicate with each other concerning the work they need to be doing on the project is via emails.

Emails have many chances of failure

When you send an email you have to rely on the email server to carry the email to the intended party, then you have to wait for the other person to read the email, and send a response. You waste valuable project time because not every person will check their emails every day. Sometimes emails fail to be sent properly through the server, sometimes they get sent to the recipients’ junk mail folder and sometimes they simply get overlooked.
The majority of people now receive hundreds of emails per day and when you are scanning those emails for ones that are important you can easily miss one that you really should have read. These missed emails from project participants results in project delays and frustration.

Copper project management works in real time

With Copper project management software, each member of the project can log in and see what the other members have done, what messages they need each member to read, and how to proceed.
When a project manager communicates to the other members via email, it is easy for them to forget to send an email to one party or to forget what duties they assigned to which member of the project. Confusion can quickly cause the entire project to be a disaster.
With Copper project management software, each member can see the project board in detail and they know what tasks are theirs, what tasks have been assigned to others, and what the most important tasks are. Each member of the team will know exactly what needs doing and will be able to communicate with each other as they proceed.

Fastest connection when one member needs help

When a team member needs help in completing a portion of the project, they send an email and have to wait for the answer. During their wait time, they become distracted and start thinking of other things and by the time they get an answer they have lost their train of thought and motivation.
With Copper project management services when a member needs to reach the other members the connection happens quickly and they can proceed with their work.

New Version 5.2 Beta Launched!

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So we have finally started rolling out version 5.2 so if you’re ready to take a trial on the new version please get in touch. All new trials will receive this version.

This version includes:

Further refinements to the UI to improve usability
New drag and drop library for better subtasks and task ordering/hierarchy
Added User avatars to various views to improve pin&pass workflows
Added new home images from Prendergast collection
Added timer icons and checkbox to complete task
Added ’email-to-copper’ functions in readiness for beta
Added ‘filter view’ functions in readiness for beta
Updated Settings area including Roles management overhaul
Fixed Calendar Tab language breakiness
Backend changes to improve efficiencies
And now we move onto adding filters, email-to-copper, and INFOGRPAHICS!

If you have any questions please contact us.

Using Copper Project To Make Decisions

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Continuing on the theme of making fantastic decisions, today we’ll show you exactly how Copper can help you get things right the first time.

Drag and Drop Calendar Tool in Copper Project Management Software
Track your time easily using the Copper calendar.  Pinpoint important dates, like when your decision needs to be made, and also when other events will impact your decisions.  You don’t want movie night to ruin an important high-level business meeting.

In addition to the handy drag-and-drop calendar, there is a To Do page that tracks your tasks and timers so you can schedule what needs to be done within a certain day.

Billing and Accounting Tools in Copper Project Management Software
Make sure your decisions are financially sound.  Don’t accidentally overinvest in a new asset – better to hold off on that new coffeemaker if you need to spend more on marketing.

People & Organizations:
People and Organizations tool in Copper Project Management Software
Determine your manpower for the new project you’re considering, or look over the number of contacts you have to assess your potential resources.  Think about whose opinions carry the heaviest weight and who will influence the outcome of your decision the most.  If Mr. Smith from senior management doesn’t like your decision to start on Client B’s project while Client A’s is still unfinished, will your paycheck be in danger?  Or, if you’re lucky enough to be your own boss, do you have enough contacts available to help market your new product line?

Project Management Tool in Copper Project Management Software
Check all of your projects’ statuses and deadlines on one page.  Looking at the bigger picture all at once can help put things into perspective, especially if you’re deciding where your time would be well spent.

Even better, the Project Report page will offer detailed information on your specific projects, giving you what you need to make an informed decision.


Now that you know how exactly Copper Project Management Software can help you make the best decisions of your career, pick up your free trial today and let us know how you like it!

Sara Border is a blogger for Copper.  When decisions need to be made, she makes them with an iron fist and a gavel.