It Is Possible To Make Your Employees Love Working For You

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Have you noticed that some businesses have employees that stay with them for twenty years or more? Is this because those businesses pay better than any other business of their type? Is it because the people love their job cannot imagine doing any other work? Is it a rare occurrence that is happening less and less today?
Well, the main reason that people stay with a job for multiple years is not because the pay is so good they cannot resist, or that they love the work so much they dream of getting up to do it again the next day.

Trust generates respect for senior employees

The main reason that people stay with a company for a long time is they trust and respect their managers, bosses, and coworkers. Employees that have trust in the management of a company will stay two to three times as long as employees that do not trust their managers, or coworkers.
When a person has confidence that the management they work for is doing everything within their power to make them happy, treat them fairly, and help them succeed, then the employee works harder, and is loyal to the company they work for. It really is that simple.
If you want your employees to trust you, then you have to work as hard as they do. That means they have to see that you work as hard as they do. Never ask an employee to do something you would be unwilling to do yourself. If you ask them to stay late at work; then be willing to stay late with them. If you ask them to work faster then get on the floor with them and help them produce things faster. Be a hands-on boss and your employees will work harder for you.

Address them with respect and as equals

Always speak respectfully to your employees. You are not speaking to people who are less than you or to people who are not as smart as you. Some of your employees may be a lot smarter than you. Talk to people like you would like to be talked to. Say please, thank you, and all of the polite things you should say.
Be willing to listen. You have to listen to your employees, their concerns, their ideas, and their frustrations. If you want your employees to work their hardest to produce for your company, then you are going to have to work your hardest at understanding their needs and trying to meet as many of those needs as possible. Treat your employees like people not like employees. You need to get to know them and get to know what things will help them do their job and be able to get home to their families with enough energy left to spend time with those families.

Reward successes and good work, provide ambient environment

Have company meetings and reward your employees for their successes. Be sure that you provide them with all with an opportunity to earn some recognition from the company leaders. Provide technology and advanced software applications to make their work easier, and make their work environment as safe, and as friendly as possible. You will be rewarded with a higher level of productivity and low employee turnover rate.

On the Job Happiness and How to Achieve it

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Many things affect our lives and our level of happiness. One of the biggest things that affect our lives is the work we do. If a person is happy at work, then they are usually happy in other areas of their lives as well. When a person is miserable and hates their work those feelings spill over into the other areas of their lives.

When you are the right person in the wrong company

You may have been told to find something you like to do and make that the basis of your career. That is a simple way to be happy at work, but even if you are doing something you like if you have chosen the wrong company to work for you may be miserable. You may also be happy at work doing something you do not absolutely love if you are working for the right company.
Being happy while you are at work is a goal that everyone can achieve with the right choices, and with the right attitude. The following suggestions will help you to achieve more happiness in your work environment.
Try to choose a company that is a mission driven company or one that has a true purpose in mind. If the whole team of a company is working towards the same goal, then the goal is easier to achieve. You want to work in a place where the people are thoughtful about their actions and how their actions affect others. You can even implement those priorities in the company that you already work for. People follow people that they admire and when you offer kindness to others, you are generally given kindness in return.

Do the senior employees mentor the young employees?

Try to go to work for a company that has a strong mentorship program. It is easier for the young employees to succeed when older employees who have already made it to the top share their tips, advice, experiences, and knowledge with them. If your company does not have a strong mentorship program suggest to the project managers that this would be a way for employees to develop better skills and to become united in the goal of making a better product.
When you find a company that encourages employee feedback and reflection on the projects they have been involved in then you are talking about a company that will treat their employees with respect and dignity. If the leaders of a company offer their employees the chance to voice their true opinions and ideas and the leaders actually consider those ideas then the company encourages a unity among their workers and unity can lead to happiness.

Go for a company that listens to every employee

If your company does not value the thoughts and opinions of the people they employ, then they are not a company that is going to encourage personal growth and you will not likely be happy in that type of work environment.
We have found through Copper project management software reviews that the companies with happy employees are the ones with involved employees.

Technology and the Way it has changed the Average Office Setting

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There was a time when every office employee got up and went to the brick and mortar location of the business they worked for. The majority of business had multi-level buildings housing their employees, and different portions of the business had their offices located on different floors.
An intercom system within the building allowed some employees to talk directly to other employees without leaving their desk or offices. The telephone systems were usually elaborate and allowed people within the office complex to call each other, or transfer calls to each other so they could collaborate on projects they were working on.
Memos were typed and delivered to the different personnel throughout the building that would be affected by the information on the memo. Many times the memos did not make it to the right people, or they were discarded without being read, and projects suffered losses because of this.

Technology has replaced the way files are shared and the way people communicate

Technology was employed to create ways for people to communicate with one another, and ways for people to send information to each other. Hard files that were shared between the members of a team were replaced with digital files that could be shared throughout the office computer system. Then technology became so advanced that people could connect to their office data bases via home computers and files were shared across miles.
Technology gave us smart phones, tablets, and mobile devices so we are no longer tethered to our desks. We can access almost everything we need to do our jobs from our telephones. People now work from home, from vacation resorts, and from remote locations.

Technology has become more secure with time

Technology was not without its flaws along the way. A lot of people learned that the security of their information once it was transmitted on line was not as great as it should be. People learned to steal the information of others and it became easier than ever for someone to assume the identity of another person.
Technology stepped in with security measures to help us protect information that should be private or confidential. The security measures in place today are harder to infiltrate so more people feel safe about sending private, personal, or financial data over the Internet.
Technology allowed us to connect bank accounts so our employers no longer have to write us checks. Many people receive a direct deposit into their checking accounts and never see a paper check from their employer.

Copper Project management is team-room software

Software like Copper project management software is technology’s gift to help all companies manage projects easily without having to have all employees in the same building. With this type of software, each member of a team signs into a central account where all of the project documentation is stored for easy retrieval. No lost files, or misplaced papers can occur, and every member of the team knows all of the pertinent information concerning the project they are working on. No person is forgotten or left out of the loop, and projects are completed quicker and with a greater amount of customer satisfaction because of this technology.

Completing Projects with Stay at Home Employees

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Technology has given us an opportunity to do things differently. Not every person who works for a company commutes into work to sit at a desk in the main office building anymore. Many stay at home moms and dads work from their homes using their Internet connections to stay up to date on projects, and to complete assignments. There are also employees that work from field offices located around the globe.
All of these employees still play a vital role in the company and in the completion of projects and company tasks. There are a lot of new ways that project managers can work with employees who work from their homes, and other remote locations.

Do not use email as it can be overlooked easily

Email is one of the biggest means of communication used between people today. More emails are sent daily than paper mail, because the emails arrive quicker, and they are less likely to be lost than paper mail is. The only problem with email is the recipient may overlook the notification and erase the email before they read it, and the project manager cannot be sure that the workers all saw the email in time to make the changes they were being asked to make.
Texting is now a lot more popular than talking on the phone. The majority of people owns a device capable of sending a text message, and most people text people now instead of calling them or emailing them information. Texting does have limitations and can make it difficult to send documents to the other members of the team.

Instant messaging and video calls – Do they work?

Instant messaging using social media and other websites is a great way to stay connected to the other members of a project team. Instant messaging does limit you as to what types of files you can send, and the recipient must read the message and respond. At least when you send an instant message or a text message you can see whether or not the other person saw and opened the message.
Video chatting and conference video calls allow the team leader to establish meetings and see and hear the other members of the team. These telephone conferences connect the people more than the reading and sending of emails or text messages.

Copper Project Management software ensures communication in real time

Copper project management software allows each member of a team to have access to a project page where they can read the details of the project. They can see the task they have been assigned, can see the tasks that have been completed, can see the delays that have occurred and the reasons for those delays, can see all documents pertaining to the project, and can leave information for the other members of the project team.
Copper project management software allows every project leader to communicate with their remote employees working from home and know that each of those employees is completely up to speed on what they should be doing and the changes that have come about in the project details. This software is the connecting link to home and office employees making it possible for everyone to work together.

Inner Office Daycare

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There are many things that a company can do to unite their employees. They can provide all employees with things like Copper project management software so that when they are working together on a project each person knows exactly what is going on and what they need to do. Providing employees with the proper tools to do the job allows them to do a better job.

Having a daycare service at work leaves a lot of time for work

Creating a unified workplace also helps to increase the productivity of the people who work there. Many companies have started offering cafeteria services in their buildings, and free meals to employees so they can let their employees know they are appreciated, and the employees have responded by working harder, working longer hours, and getting more tasks accomplished in a shorter period of time.
Another way for a company to make sure that their employees feel like they are appreciated, and make sure their employees are able to get to work on time, and concentrate on their work, is to provide inner office daycare centers for the workers.

Employees will never be late for work

If an employee has a small child, they have to find a daycare facility that operates during the hours they work. Inner office daycares can be operated during the hours that the employees are in the building.
Employees with small children have to leave home early and drive their children to the daycare centers. These employees are often late for work because they had trouble dropping their child off at their daycare center. Inner office daycare facilities allow the worker to come straight to work, and bring the child with them. They take the child to the daycare portion and they get to see the child when they have their breaks, and at their lunch hours so the child is happier and the worker is happier.

Whether the daycare is paid-for or free, parents love it when their kids are close by

Employees who have children in inner office daycare facilities can concentrate on their work more. When a person has a child and they leave that child with a daycare facility, they often worry if the child is okay. These parents are not as focused on their work because they are thinking about their children, and worrying about their safety. If the children are in an inner office facility, the parent knows that if anything happened to the child they could get to them in a matter of minutes. They know that their child can be checked on several times a day, and they are able to relax and concentrate on their work.
Some companies start these daycare centers up and they provide the service free of charge to their employees. Some smaller companies cannot afford to do that so they offer to provide a facility and the parents pay for the children to stay in the facility. Most parents still love this because most of them still pay less for an office daycare facility than they do for out of the office daycare facilities.
Whenever you try to meet the needs of your employees, you will always increase productivity, attendance, loyalty, and temperament in the office atmosphere.