Inner Office Daycare

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There are many things that a company can do to unite their employees. They can provide all employees with things like Copper project management software so that when they are working together on a project each person knows exactly what is going on and what they need to do. Providing employees with the proper tools to do the job allows them to do a better job.

Having a daycare service at work leaves a lot of time for work

Creating a unified workplace also helps to increase the productivity of the people who work there. Many companies have started offering cafeteria services in their buildings, and free meals to employees so they can let their employees know they are appreciated, and the employees have responded by working harder, working longer hours, and getting more tasks accomplished in a shorter period of time.
Another way for a company to make sure that their employees feel like they are appreciated, and make sure their employees are able to get to work on time, and concentrate on their work, is to provide inner office daycare centers for the workers.

Employees will never be late for work

If an employee has a small child, they have to find a daycare facility that operates during the hours they work. Inner office daycares can be operated during the hours that the employees are in the building.
Employees with small children have to leave home early and drive their children to the daycare centers. These employees are often late for work because they had trouble dropping their child off at their daycare center. Inner office daycare facilities allow the worker to come straight to work, and bring the child with them. They take the child to the daycare portion and they get to see the child when they have their breaks, and at their lunch hours so the child is happier and the worker is happier.

Whether the daycare is paid-for or free, parents love it when their kids are close by

Employees who have children in inner office daycare facilities can concentrate on their work more. When a person has a child and they leave that child with a daycare facility, they often worry if the child is okay. These parents are not as focused on their work because they are thinking about their children, and worrying about their safety. If the children are in an inner office facility, the parent knows that if anything happened to the child they could get to them in a matter of minutes. They know that their child can be checked on several times a day, and they are able to relax and concentrate on their work.
Some companies start these daycare centers up and they provide the service free of charge to their employees. Some smaller companies cannot afford to do that so they offer to provide a facility and the parents pay for the children to stay in the facility. Most parents still love this because most of them still pay less for an office daycare facility than they do for out of the office daycare facilities.
Whenever you try to meet the needs of your employees, you will always increase productivity, attendance, loyalty, and temperament in the office atmosphere.

The Importance of Eating Meals at Work

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Many office managers, and company CEOs are now seeing that there is a direct relation between performance, attendance, and productivity when the employees remain in the office building and eat their lunches. There is also data that proves that when companies provide a free meal to their employees they get more productivity, even greater attendance, and they get projects that are completed in less time.
When the people in the office leave for work, or eat their lunch at their desk, they are not having fellowship with the other members of the office. This allows people to be distant and to not connect with one another. They do not have any vested interest in the other office members, so they are not able to work with the other employees as easily.

Employees who eat at work eat in teams

When the employees have a cafeteria that they can go to inside their building, they often gather in small groups to eat their meals. The employees share family stories, they get to know one another, and they develop a sense of trust among each other. These people are more likely to participate in projects and meet their deadlines because they are vested in the lives of the other team members and they wish to make the other members of the team proud, or to help each other out.
When companies provide a free lunch for their employees they have almost a 100% attendance in their lunch program. The people employed by the company feel appreciated by their bosses and they tend to work harder for those bosses. The workers want to provide the highest quality work that they can because they feel that the employer appreciates their efforts. These free meals make people feel like they are being treated with kindness.

Work is discussed over lunch, helping meet deadlines

The free lunches allow the team members from different departments to get some valuable face time with each other and discuss ideas, problems, and solutions. They can discuss their deadlines and what tasks must be completed to meet those deadlines. They feel more like a team because they do see each other, and share something in common with the other people in the group.
Office temperaments are better in offices that have employees who eat lunch together in the building. People are slower to anger and more likely to try and understand the point of view of the other workers when they share a meal together.
You can do things like use Copper project management software to help team members connect on an intellectual level, and share the documentation regarding the project, but when you provide the team members the opportunity to break bread together and discuss the project in a relaxed atmosphere you get a greater amount of productivity from each participant.
A lot of companies are starting to include free lunch meals for their employees. Some have free breakfast rolls and coffee in a break room, and some provide free afternoon snacks in a break room. All of these companies report greater productivity from their employees.

Unity in the Workplace

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One thing that every office, every company, every corporation, and every project needs is unity among the workers. One way to create unity is through technology like Copper project management software. Using that software to provide your teams with the information they need to do a project will allow all of the workers to be united.

Everyone can feel as a full member of the team

When a team of people works together on one project, it is often a time when some of the individuals feel left out of the loop because they think some of the other people are closer. Some people will feel like their contribution to the project is not as important as the contribution being made by some others, and some people will feel like they are superior to the other workers.
You want all workers to be united and feel unified. You want all of the people who are involved with a project to feel that they make a difference and that they are wanted, needed, and that without them the project would suffer. Having Copper project management software will allow all of the pertinent information to be shared equally, at the same time, so that each employee feels like they are in the loop.

Maybe you can have team members dress the same

Some of the other things you can do to help create harmony and unity in your workplace is to consider mandating a dress code. Most people like to express their individual style, and they resist wearing uniforms, but when a group of employees dresses similarly, they tend to bond with each other.
Individual style creates the jealous office personalities. Someone is inevitably going to be a better dresser, and other people will envy them, try to imitate them, or simply be jealous of them. You can eliminate that type of jealous feelings by having everyone dress the same. The workers may be unified in their hatred of the uniforms, but they will be unified and that is what matters.
Having an open office door policy will help to unite the people in the office. Closed doors are barriers that stop people from talking to each other. Have an open door policy or remove the office doors altogether where you can so the people feel welcome to speak to each other and share their day, their ideas, and their concerns.

Arrange meetings where people can share ideas, vent and even complain

Office meetings that include all employees will increase the unity of the employees. People grumble about attending office meetings, but it has been proven that companies that require their employees to gather in one area at the same time and share ideas, hear the latest news, and learn about the company policies as a group have employees that are happier, take fewer sick days, and have more productive employees. Have meetings and include a time when people can talk amongst themselves during those meetings.
Offices are unified when the people are all passionate about something they share with the other workers. Get your office group involved in raising money for a charity, or adopting a family at Christmas.

The Responsibilities of a Project Leader

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If you are not sure whether you are ready to accept the leadership of a team of coworkers, then you should think about the responsibilities a team leader has. Make sure you have developed the skills and the temperament that will be required of you. Not everyone is cut out to lead the pack, but by reviewing what a leader needs to know you will be able to assess whether or not you are ready to take on this momentous responsibility.

Leaders must be Patient

As a team leader you must have patience and be able to relate well with other people. You should be slow to anger and quick to praise people for their efforts. People respond better to praise than they do to criticism. As a leader you must be able to sympathize with the other worker and the difficulties they may have faced. Rome was not built in a day and your project will not be completed in a day, so be patient and understanding so your team will be inspired to work harder.

Leaders must have good communication skills

As the head of the team, you have to be able to communicate with every member of the team. You have to be able to make people understand what you want them to do, what you need them to do, and when you need the things done. Clear and precise instructions will be required so that your coworkers understand the task completely.

Leaders must do the work of more than one person

As the leader, the completion of the task relies on you and your abilities. The other team members mat occasionally drop the ball and need you to pitch hit for them. You have to be able to lead everyone and to help each member with their task if they need help. A good leader knows how to do the work that each of their workers are being asked to do so when someone needs assistance the leader can easily fill in and help them out.

Team leaders must lead by example

You cannot lead a team if you sit in an office and tell them what to do. If you want to lead people you should never ask them to work harder than you work. Your team will put in a bigger effort to do what you want them to do if they see you as a person that is trying to do everything they can to make the project a success. Lead by example. Have people do as you do not do what you say to do.

Leaders must be selfless and humble

A leader that is humble will have a team that is grateful for their guidance. When the boss pats you on the back for a job well done you have to be the kind of person that tells them you could not have done the job without the help and support of your team.

Learning to be a Team-Leader

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Many of us cringe at the thought of speaking in front of a group of people, or having to organize a group of people, ideas, and documentation to perform a task. When the heads of our companies start to look for someone to lead projects, or inspire our co-workers we try to make ourselves invisible, so they will not think about putting us in that position.
The problem with avoiding these stressful situations is that the boss does not see our potential and when raises and promotions are given, they overlook us for those because they have never seen us perform up to our full potential.
Luckily, technology is about to give us all a gift that will allow us to lead projects, inspire others, and impress our bosses. Technology has given us Copper Project Management software and that software is going to make every project leader look better in the eyes of their bosses.

Easy collaboration with copper management software

The Copper project management software has the team leader set up accounts for each person that will be collaborating on the project. This includes subcontractors and the client that the project is being done for. Each person that has an interest in the work the team is doing will have an account set up through the Copper Project management.
The individual accounts will be linked to one page. That page will link each person to the priorities of the project, and to all of the information concerning the work being done, the vision of the team leader or coordinator, the tasks that must be completed for the project to be completed, and to the progress that has been made.

Here is what awaits you if you try doing a project without the right software

If you try to accomplish the project without this amazing software, the team leader will have to spend countless hours behind a computer sending emails to each person that is involved. The emails will have to include links to any important information, attachments of documents that each person needs to see, and a progress report. In order for everyone to stay up to date these email notifications will have to be composed and sent at least once a day, and then the recipient must open and read the information. If they overlook an email and trash it before they read it, they could miss an important update, and that might set the project back. The team leader will be held accountable for everyone getting the information they need, and the documentation. Using Copper Project management software to connect your team will allow you to provide each team member with the information they need to know.
The team leader only has to sit down once and put the information into the software and everyone will have access to it. No member will accidentally erase their copy of the documents or instructions they need. Projects will be completed in a timely manner with fewer hiccups, and the team leader will receive the recognition and praise they deserve from their bosses.