How Has Project Management Become Easier Today Than It Was Years Ago?

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How Has Project Management Become Easier Today Than It Was Years Ago?
What Makes Project Work Better Today?

Today, project work has suddenly become much better, more rewarding and the desired results can now be accessed faster. The success or failure of your project management work is in your hands. You can do more work faster and even save your company money if you use technology in your project management work.

Reduced costs

Using technology in project management will provide a framework that helps in ensuring that goals set in projects are met without spending more than what your budget provides for. In light of this, projects that would otherwise cost a lot of money are effectively executed without you having to worry about stretching your financial limits due to unexpected technicalities.

Aim to increase productivity

The centralization of information brings with it improved teamwork and communication. A project in which everyone is in the know with regards to new developments and ideas is more likely to be a success compared to one in which there is no coordination between employees and the project manager. Additionally, commonality of information provides a platform for clients to access the same information with your supervision and interact with those working on the project. Hence, such cooperation goes a long way in ensuring that everyone’s attention is towards the work at hand.

Do have some risk management

Risks are not easy to avoid when it comes to execution of project plans. More often than not, projects have had to be stopped midway or delayed due to risks incurred, which leads to an inference of lack of reliance in the organization being inferred by possible clients. Today, the internet has helped in ensuring that risks are identified from the onset and preventive or curative measures put in place. This has gone a long way in ensuring that project plans are executed smoothly.

Save time

Scheduling is very important in any project undertaken by an organization. The more complicated the project, the more the stages and the more the time. Failing to allocate time in a systematic manner to each stage and process often results to confusions and too much time being spent on some stages, other times one being forced to complete it a long time after the deadline. Appropriate time is allocated to the stages of the project and if followed to the latter, less time will be sent trying to figure out which step comes after another and ultimately, the project will be finished in time.

Increased Involvement of interested parties

Projects carried out by organizations are often kept within the organizations. This means that stakeholders have to send representatives to the organizations to keep up with the how the projects are going. This is hard, but not anymore, because you can use chat rooms and other tools of technology to communicate.
To avoid keeping on going back to the drawing table, just make sure that everyone is involved, including the clients. That way, the project management team, the client and all the stakeholders will be moving along at the same pace.

How to Properly Pitch Your Ideas in the Workplace

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A lot of people have great ideas on how to improve their work environment, how to make productivity in the workplace greater, or how to enhance their company, but only a few people in a company ever seem to get their ideas heard and acted on. You can be one of the people who voice their ideas and have the managers paying attention to those ideas.

Take a maximum of 30 seconds – clarity is important

To begin with you are going to have to make a pitch of your idea in less than thirty seconds. You need to think about exactly what you are trying to pitch and what changes your idea will make in the workplace. Rehearse what you want to say until you can make a short explanation of what you are trying to do in thirty seconds or less.
Remember that your pitch should be to the point. Keep it simple and to the point. Do not confuse the listener with too many details. Save the details for when they show true interest in the idea.
You have to identify the problem you are trying to resolve and the steps you are suggesting to resolve that problem. Remember to keep this simple and do not confuse the listener with too many details at this time.

Have a rough estimate of how much it would cost to implement the idea

You need to have an outline of approximately how much it will cost the company to implement the ideas that you have.
You should go to colleagues that you truly trust and pitch your idea to them. Be willing to listen to their feedback and make changes to your pitch if necessary. Your colleagues will be your sounding board before you go to see the managers that can implement your ideas.
Once you have practiced the pitch, and you are sure of what you are going to say, and sure that other people will understand what you are saying then it is time to approach your superior with your ideas.

Timing is everything – catch your superior when he is in the best mood

Some people like to approach the superiors when they are at lunch, or on break. This allows them to pitch their idea while the superior is relaxed and more likely to pay attention. Some people prefer to make an appointment and talk to their superior in their office, so they can formally pitch their idea to them. I can tell you that both of these methods work and you should make your pitch when you are the most comfortable.
Before you make the short pitch make sure you have clearly thought the whole idea out and have a plan of action for each step that it would take to implement your idea. If your superior is interested in your idea, they will have questions and you want to be able to answer those questions completely and in great detail.
The best idea in the world can be lost to improper planning. Make sure you have thought out the possible scenarios that will make the idea work, and what things could go wrong. Provide all of the pros and cons so your idea can be taken seriously.

Avoid These Mistakes When Working On A Project

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Avoid These Mistakes When Working On A Project
Things You Should Not Do When Working On A Project

Do not get started on the project management work at hand unless you have checked that everything is ready. Many people make the mistake of not making due preparation. Mostly, they think that just because they have invested in the best project management software that it will do everything for them. That is not right. There is a way that you should handle project management work.

Not making every team member feel involved

Many project managers make this mistake. They do not have the time to meet everyone in the team, maybe even listen to their ideas or just give them instructions. However, studies have shown that people will go an extra mile for any manager, just for being recognized and appreciated. In any case, the people that hold junior positions in the team usually have wonderful ideas and when no one listens to them, everyone misses out on great opportunities.
How can you make everyone on the project management team feel included?
• Create good channels of communication, both ways too. You see, communication needs to flow up and down the hierarchical ladder. Keep your doors open, know them by name if you can.
• Arrange weekly or if possible, daily meetings when you sit at a conference with everyone on the team. Encourage everyone who feels they have an idea to come out and speak it out.
• Congratulate everyone who makes an impressionable mark on the project. It is also good to give some bonuses for a job well done. This can go an extra mile in motivating your employees.

Being not specific about what you need done

From the top, the project manager has to pass down the right instructions. This is very important. It is also important that the manager ensures that there are specific instructions for specific jobs as well as for employees. That way, there will be no conflict of roles among the members of the project team. Write down the tasks that need handling according to an order of priority. The list will guide you towards allocating duties and even choosing software that is suitable and particular to your organization.

Not keeping to the schedule

Now, if you had planned for the project phases to run for a given duration of time, that is the way it should be. By the end of the stipulated time, that phase of the project should be completed. If it is not completed, you should find out why so that you take measures.

Going over the budget

Now, if you are a project manager and you go above the budget, your CEO will chew you and spit you out. You have to keep to the budget by all means. If you do not, you could lose clients. If you have to use a project management service to do it, please do. Automate as many of the processes as possible so that the work can be completed not only within budget, but within schedule as well.
Learn to schedule tasks so that everything is done in the right time. Follow up with the supervisors to make sure that everyone keeps to their schedules.

It Is Possible To Make Your Employees Love Working For You

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Have you noticed that some businesses have employees that stay with them for twenty years or more? Is this because those businesses pay better than any other business of their type? Is it because the people love their job cannot imagine doing any other work? Is it a rare occurrence that is happening less and less today?
Well, the main reason that people stay with a job for multiple years is not because the pay is so good they cannot resist, or that they love the work so much they dream of getting up to do it again the next day.

Trust generates respect for senior employees

The main reason that people stay with a company for a long time is they trust and respect their managers, bosses, and coworkers. Employees that have trust in the management of a company will stay two to three times as long as employees that do not trust their managers, or coworkers.
When a person has confidence that the management they work for is doing everything within their power to make them happy, treat them fairly, and help them succeed, then the employee works harder, and is loyal to the company they work for. It really is that simple.
If you want your employees to trust you, then you have to work as hard as they do. That means they have to see that you work as hard as they do. Never ask an employee to do something you would be unwilling to do yourself. If you ask them to stay late at work; then be willing to stay late with them. If you ask them to work faster then get on the floor with them and help them produce things faster. Be a hands-on boss and your employees will work harder for you.

Address them with respect and as equals

Always speak respectfully to your employees. You are not speaking to people who are less than you or to people who are not as smart as you. Some of your employees may be a lot smarter than you. Talk to people like you would like to be talked to. Say please, thank you, and all of the polite things you should say.
Be willing to listen. You have to listen to your employees, their concerns, their ideas, and their frustrations. If you want your employees to work their hardest to produce for your company, then you are going to have to work your hardest at understanding their needs and trying to meet as many of those needs as possible. Treat your employees like people not like employees. You need to get to know them and get to know what things will help them do their job and be able to get home to their families with enough energy left to spend time with those families.

Reward successes and good work, provide ambient environment

Have company meetings and reward your employees for their successes. Be sure that you provide them with all with an opportunity to earn some recognition from the company leaders. Provide technology and advanced software applications to make their work easier, and make their work environment as safe, and as friendly as possible. You will be rewarded with a higher level of productivity and low employee turnover rate.

On the Job Happiness and How to Achieve it

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Many things affect our lives and our level of happiness. One of the biggest things that affect our lives is the work we do. If a person is happy at work, then they are usually happy in other areas of their lives as well. When a person is miserable and hates their work those feelings spill over into the other areas of their lives.

When you are the right person in the wrong company

You may have been told to find something you like to do and make that the basis of your career. That is a simple way to be happy at work, but even if you are doing something you like if you have chosen the wrong company to work for you may be miserable. You may also be happy at work doing something you do not absolutely love if you are working for the right company.
Being happy while you are at work is a goal that everyone can achieve with the right choices, and with the right attitude. The following suggestions will help you to achieve more happiness in your work environment.
Try to choose a company that is a mission driven company or one that has a true purpose in mind. If the whole team of a company is working towards the same goal, then the goal is easier to achieve. You want to work in a place where the people are thoughtful about their actions and how their actions affect others. You can even implement those priorities in the company that you already work for. People follow people that they admire and when you offer kindness to others, you are generally given kindness in return.

Do the senior employees mentor the young employees?

Try to go to work for a company that has a strong mentorship program. It is easier for the young employees to succeed when older employees who have already made it to the top share their tips, advice, experiences, and knowledge with them. If your company does not have a strong mentorship program suggest to the project managers that this would be a way for employees to develop better skills and to become united in the goal of making a better product.
When you find a company that encourages employee feedback and reflection on the projects they have been involved in then you are talking about a company that will treat their employees with respect and dignity. If the leaders of a company offer their employees the chance to voice their true opinions and ideas and the leaders actually consider those ideas then the company encourages a unity among their workers and unity can lead to happiness.

Go for a company that listens to every employee

If your company does not value the thoughts and opinions of the people they employ, then they are not a company that is going to encourage personal growth and you will not likely be happy in that type of work environment.
We have found through Copper project management software reviews that the companies with happy employees are the ones with involved employees.