Working through Copper Project Management vs. Contact via Email

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Copper project management software allows groups of individuals to work on a project together, exchange ideas, make changes to the project, and efficiently control their portion of the project, even if they are hundreds or thousands miles apart. This software lets everyone involved with a project work at their own speed, at their own convenience, and still knows everything that is happening with the project.

Allows groups working on same project to coordinate easily

If groups of individuals within a company are working on one project together, they have to be able to communicate with each other, and to show each other what they have accomplished. Without proper communication then the project suffers. Copper project management software allows for the communication between people involved in the project to flow smoothly.
Many companies assign a project to several different people. The people involved may work in different departments, or even in different cities. One way that these people try and communicate with each other concerning the work they need to be doing on the project is via emails.

Emails have many chances of failure

When you send an email you have to rely on the email server to carry the email to the intended party, then you have to wait for the other person to read the email, and send a response. You waste valuable project time because not every person will check their emails every day. Sometimes emails fail to be sent properly through the server, sometimes they get sent to the recipients’ junk mail folder and sometimes they simply get overlooked.
The majority of people now receive hundreds of emails per day and when you are scanning those emails for ones that are important you can easily miss one that you really should have read. These missed emails from project participants results in project delays and frustration.

Copper project management works in real time

With Copper project management software, each member of the project can log in and see what the other members have done, what messages they need each member to read, and how to proceed.
When a project manager communicates to the other members via email, it is easy for them to forget to send an email to one party or to forget what duties they assigned to which member of the project. Confusion can quickly cause the entire project to be a disaster.
With Copper project management software, each member can see the project board in detail and they know what tasks are theirs, what tasks have been assigned to others, and what the most important tasks are. Each member of the team will know exactly what needs doing and will be able to communicate with each other as they proceed.

Fastest connection when one member needs help

When a team member needs help in completing a portion of the project, they send an email and have to wait for the answer. During their wait time, they become distracted and start thinking of other things and by the time they get an answer they have lost their train of thought and motivation.
With Copper project management services when a member needs to reach the other members the connection happens quickly and they can proceed with their work.

New Version 5.2 Beta Launched!

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So we have finally started rolling out version 5.2 so if you’re ready to take a trial on the new version please get in touch. All new trials will receive this version.

This version includes:

Further refinements to the UI to improve usability
New drag and drop library for better subtasks and task ordering/hierarchy
Added User avatars to various views to improve pin&pass workflows
Added new home images from Prendergast collection
Added timer icons and checkbox to complete task
Added ’email-to-copper’ functions in readiness for beta
Added ‘filter view’ functions in readiness for beta
Updated Settings area including Roles management overhaul
Fixed Calendar Tab language breakiness
Backend changes to improve efficiencies
And now we move onto adding filters, email-to-copper, and INFOGRPAHICS!

If you have any questions please contact us.

Using Copper Project To Make Decisions

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Continuing on the theme of making fantastic decisions, today we’ll show you exactly how Copper can help you get things right the first time.

Drag and Drop Calendar Tool in Copper Project Management Software
Track your time easily using the Copper calendar.  Pinpoint important dates, like when your decision needs to be made, and also when other events will impact your decisions.  You don’t want movie night to ruin an important high-level business meeting.

In addition to the handy drag-and-drop calendar, there is a To Do page that tracks your tasks and timers so you can schedule what needs to be done within a certain day.

Billing and Accounting Tools in Copper Project Management Software
Make sure your decisions are financially sound.  Don’t accidentally overinvest in a new asset – better to hold off on that new coffeemaker if you need to spend more on marketing.

People & Organizations:
People and Organizations tool in Copper Project Management Software
Determine your manpower for the new project you’re considering, or look over the number of contacts you have to assess your potential resources.  Think about whose opinions carry the heaviest weight and who will influence the outcome of your decision the most.  If Mr. Smith from senior management doesn’t like your decision to start on Client B’s project while Client A’s is still unfinished, will your paycheck be in danger?  Or, if you’re lucky enough to be your own boss, do you have enough contacts available to help market your new product line?

Project Management Tool in Copper Project Management Software
Check all of your projects’ statuses and deadlines on one page.  Looking at the bigger picture all at once can help put things into perspective, especially if you’re deciding where your time would be well spent.

Even better, the Project Report page will offer detailed information on your specific projects, giving you what you need to make an informed decision.


Now that you know how exactly Copper Project Management Software can help you make the best decisions of your career, pick up your free trial today and let us know how you like it!

Sara Border is a blogger for Copper.  When decisions need to be made, she makes them with an iron fist and a gavel.

Making Decisions Count

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Decision-making is a necessary skill for every project manager to have, but how exactly should you make decisions?  Of course, Copper can’t be the angel on your left shoulder whispering in your ear all day, but maybe you can take some of this advice to heart.

Be confident.  You have the project management experience, the knowledge you studied so much to aquire, the skills you took so many tests for, and the resources to make the decision.  Even if you feel like you don’t, you do.  Even if this is the first time you’ve encountered this type of problem in your work, decisions you’ve made in the past on seemingly unrelated issues can act as signposts toward the right path to take now.  Besides, when has fear or anxiety ever produced a positive result?  Don’t let negative thoughts take over.  This is the time to act positive.

Look back on tough calls you’ve had to make before, whether professionally or in your personal life.  What did you do?  How did you decide?  What did you get wrong and how could you have been better?  Don’t beat yourself up over poor past decisions, but it is a good idea to analyze them so you don’t repeat your mistakes.

Consider all options.  Try not to assume anything about your situation.  Take a look at other methodologies.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an Agile project manager.  If the critical chain methodology more suits the project, you’ll need to wear another hat.  Don’t limit yourself;  that may only make things more difficult for you later on.

Ask for help.  There’s no shame in visiting a fellow project manager whose opinion and judgement you trust for another perspective on your situation.

If there is time to make the decision, use it, but use it wisely.  This does not mean procrastinate.  Here’s an example:  Say you have five days to make a very important decision.  You could potentially use four of those days looking back on past decisions, considering all your options, and asking your mentor for advice, then making a knowledgeable decision on the fifth day with all that information in mind.  Don’t get me wrong, that sounds like a great idea, but let’s look at another way of doing things….

You make a decision the very first day.  You confidently decide that Option A is better than Option B.  You don’t tell anyone.  Not a soul.  You keep your confident Option A to yourself.  Then the next four days you spend trying to find Option C and D and E, trying to prove how Option A could possibly go wrong, and if the cons of Option A trump those of Options B through E.  Maybe you end up going with Option A on the fifth day, or maybe through effort and reverse engineering you found a better option.  Either way, you made your decision quickly and you weren’t scrambling for an answer on the day it was due.  Win-win, right?

Lastly, no one can foresee every problem.  Sometimes, no matter what we choose, no matter how much we research and prepare to make decisions, we choose wrong.  That’s okay.  Bounce back!

Thursday we’ll let you know exactly how you can use Copper Project Management Software to help you make better decisions.  Pick up your free trial today!

Sara Border is a blogger for Copper and that was probably the best decision she’s made in her writing career thus far. 

Empathy 101 and Why You Need It For Your Job

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As a professional project manager, you deal with many people in your day to day life, and you wear many hats.  You cater to your clients, you supervise your team, and you help people when they get stuck.  You juggle time in the form of schedules, money in the form of budgets, and emotions in the form of that unreliable anxiety-riddled new hire.

It’s a lot to work with.  There is a way to make the people part of your job easier, though, simply by changing your attitude.  What is this magical method that will boost your work relationships?

Practice empathy.

“Wait, what’s that?  I’ve heard of it before, but what exactly is it and why do I need it?” some of you might be asking.

Empathy is when you step into someone else’s shoes and imagine a situation from their point of view.  Sort of like when you watch a movie, say Wolf on Wall Street, and identify with the protagonist, in this case Jordan Belfort.  You’re imagining that you are him, faced with these problems of living a wealthy and unhealthy lifestyle, and in turn you empathize with him, even if you aren’t at all like Jordan Belfort.  You know how he is feeling and you respond the way he does.

So that’s how empathy works.  Now take a look at your worst client.  They may be indecisive, overly emotional, too demanding, or outright crazy.  You know the type:  emails at 3am asking to see progress reports, calls at 5am since you didn’t respond right away, eighteen angry voicemails devolving into one last voicemail where they sob viciously into their phone.  Sometimes followed by a surprise personal visit to your home, in the case of your client being mentally unstable or just incredibly socially awkward.

Yeah.  Now imagine being them.  Imagine that this project you are working on (that may not be at the top of your priority list) is the absolutely most important and crucial project of your entire life.  Regardless if it truly is or isn’t for them, they will often feel like it is.  And they will often place blame on you if anything at all goes wrong.  You are holding their metaphorical babies in your hands.  If you drop those babies, even if you catch them mid-air like a champ, you will have hell to pay.

“Alright, so I’m a delusional client and that outstanding project manager over there is juggling my infant triplets.  How’s this roleplay going to help anything?”

Great question.  If you see the project the way your client does, you will work on it with the same passion they have.  This means you will produce infinitely better results than you would if you treated it as a side project to what you really want to do.

Remember, your clients would probably manage the project themselves if they could, because they think they know what is best for it.  The only thing stopping them from doing so is time, money, and a complete lack of project management skills.  That’s why you were hired.  So put those skills to use and help realize your client’s dreams!  That passion combined with your knowledge will produce fantastic results that will have your clients coming back, eager to give you their money again and again.

What’s the overarching lesson to take away here?  Step in your client’s shoes, become them, see the project the way they do and tackle it with the same passion they have, but use your knowledge and skills as a PM to ensure a project’s success.  As a result, those 3am emails, 5am calls, and constant reevaluations may dwindle down a bit.  Win-win for everyone!

Sara Border is a blogger for Copper, and she empathizes with movie characters all the time.  Poor Bambi.