The Need For Excellent Communication In Project Work

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The Need For Excellent Communication In Project Work
How To Enhance Communication For Project Team Members

Communication is very important in our day-to-day lives. Some say that it is not about what you say but how you say it. Being able to say what you want and what you do not want is important in ensuring that you achieve your goals. If and when you want to break up with your long term girlfriend, you have to find a language and medium through which you will relay your words. The common line, it is not you, it is me, is what I would recommend and do it in person.
However, when it comes to a large company, with so many people to talk to and so much information to relay, there is no way you can go to each person telling them what you need. You need to find better means to communicate with them.
There are means like email, which are good for communicating, but they are not foolproof. For example, how will you know that the intended recipient got the email and if they got it, whether they actually opened and read it? Find a way in which you can communicate instantly with all the team members. Just as with large corporations that have a central conference room where all meetings occur, you too can create a centralized means of communication.

People have to login to use the chat feature

You as the manager post instructions meant for your team, which they can easily access by logging into the system that you are using. Additionally, information with regards to the progress of the project is also posted and you can answer questions posted by the workers. It is not limited to interaction between you and the team; it also encompasses the stakeholders and clients.
Having an instant messaging means of communication can allow you to include your clients, vendors and stakeholders. The customer is always right, as many people would like to presume. In this constantly changing technological world, customers are and will keep being more drawn to a company that interacts with them on a daily basis. The disparity in geographical locations should not be your excuse to lose a client to your competition.

Provide a central room for your clients to monitor the project

You need to provide centralized communication to your team. With this, you do not need to worry about geographical locations. It provides a central place where clients can monitor the project, with your permission, and inspect documents, without necessarily coming to your office to do that. The time taken to email such documents to the said clients is also reduced greatly. Additionally, it increases the client’s confidence in you and your team.
Instant communication, as seen has numerous advantages. Another one is the easy monitoring of workers. Constant interaction between you and the teams enables you to know the progress they have made in the project steps. This in turn will help you to know which steps are dependent on each other and the teams that have finished their work.

How To Handle Project Management Even When You Are On The Go

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How To Handle Project Management Even When You Are On The Go
Stay Updated All The Time About Your Project

How many times do you feel like you are just not in the mood to deal with anything, but you must to go to the office to work? Do you get bored with long procedures? Imagine if you could control a project from wherever you are. Is that even possible? Yes, it is. This is the digital era, and the workstation has since been decentralized.

You can follow the project on your phone

An average mobile phone user will glance at their mobile at least 150 times a day. This shows why the mobile phone is being used for everything. Your team members can use it to call you and update you on the progress or you could even have an app created for providing easy access to the project from wherever you are.
Be a proactive project manager and get online on different platforms. For example, social media has brought with it great success with regard to sharing of information. Mobile applications meant for project management have been developed, to enable sharing of project information with smaller groups in the teams, unlimited clientele, vendors and other parties privy to the project. These applications provide a platform on which managers can post information regarding plans, tasks and their due dates and ultimately administer the work.
Other applications offer project portfolio, document, resource and budget and expense management coupled with project planning, social and email collaboration. Having all these in your phone and easily accessible not only goes a long way in improving the manner in which you handle projects but also reduces the time and effort that would be spent in doing all these manually.

Modify your project management application to suit your needs

Not every means of keeping in touch with your project management team is going to work for you. Thus, find out your own modus operandi and apply it fully. Whatever works for you may not necessarily work for someone else.
If you will be using technology, you need to choose the features you want and are useful to you. Find what fits your team’s needs so that everyone is comfortable. One of the most important things that you must consider is the comfort of your workers. If they are comfortable with whatever tools you are using for your project management work.
If you are working with teams that are located far away from the main office, you will need to communicate everyday with the team. There are many means in which to do that and one of them is via video or web conferencing. That way, you can still communicate with everyone as if they are there in the room with you. This is what will save money, time, and it will ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the project.
As the project manager, your duty is to find out ways in which all participants can be fully involved and can contribute to their level best to make the project go forward quickly.

Here A Few Reasons For Project Managers To Smile

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Here A Few Reasons For Project Managers To Smile
How You Can Get Increased Insight Into Your Project

In the past, managers had to keep sending emails to their employees in a bid to communicate changes or developments in the project and allocating them their duties. However, today, you do not have to do that. You can:
• Look for centralization of communication and by this, we mean all communication such that all participants access information at the same place.
• When you centralize communication, you enable easy access of information by the parties involved and as a result, it reduces the amount of work that managers have to do to ensure coordination such that the entire project runs easily.
• Ensure more coordination and teamwork ensuring productivity with minimum risks of miscommunication.

Increase the accountability

You should be able to get complete information with regard to the performance of employees and the finances used. Such information would otherwise have to be recorded manually, which ultimately get misplaced. The result of this is that problems arise when it comes to tracking the work done by each employee and the money involved. Today, managers are able to track the step-by-step processes in the project. They are able to assess goals and achievements in each step and move on to the next.

Security and reliability

More often than not, crucial files to a project get lost amid operations. Many years ago, files had to be kept manually. Moreover, those that were stored in computers were often not backed up. Hence, any loss of files was a great blow to the project. Today, there are many storage options for you to consider and one of them is cloud storage. You can also consider on-premise storage. The good thing is that managers are able to back up data that is of importance to the project. In case of any virus in their laptops, they are assured that the operations will not have to be stopped midway, clients will be served with due regard to timing and procedure.


As a manager, you can now be able to serve most of the needs of an organization, using technology. You can also change the way you do things accordingly, depending on any changes and advancements in organizations, to serve any needs that might arise in the future.

Increased speed of operations

As we said earlier, with the absence of technology, the only option that was available would be to take records manually, a process that is often slow and tedious. For instance, schedules would have to be written down, finances calculated manually and resources allocated haphazardly. Today, as a project manager, you will be able to reduce the manual labor and increase the speed at which managers record information on a large scale. As a result, more time is allocated to more crucial operations in the project.
There, you have now seen how you can make project work easier, by adopting a few changes and tried guidelines that other project managers have used before.

How To Complete Your Project On Time And Within Budget

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How To Complete Your Project On Time And Within Budget
Save Money and Time on Your Project

When you want to complete your project within budget and faster too, due preparation is necessary. You need to have seen the end of the project from the beginning, so to speak. When you know where you are going, you will be more focused.

Define the scope of your project

Some projects are big while others are small. Hence, it is important that you clearly assess your project ahead of time before you start on it. This will help you to decide your budget and come up with a schedule.

Come up with a schedule

Schedules are important in ensuring that everything is done within the required time. Come up with definitive steps on what will be done and at what time. A schedule will go a long way in making sure that no time is wasted at each step. Additionally, the schedule you come up with should be realistic and accurate. Carefully calculate the time each step will require and on which ones depend on each other.

Draft a budget

It is always crucial to calculate how much your project will cost. Come up with a team to help you assess the revenue required and the total amount you will have used at the end. As such, you will be able to account for every cent that you spend in the event of your client asking for a report. Additionally, it will help you organize and manage the funds. Moreover, as you are drafting, ensure that you include a contingency fund. It is common for things to wrong during the execution of a plan. As such, this fund will help you to not go overboard.

Assess the possible risks

As mentioned earlier, it is common for risks to be there in a project. For instance, suppliers may make a mistake, and possibly deliver what you did not ask for. Hence, preparing for risks will help you to prevent overspending on mistakes committed and ultimately result in a successful project at low cost budget.

Get the resources that you will require

Resources range from human labor to materials. Before you start your project, ensure that you have accumulated the resources and personnel you will need. Additionally, ensure that you allocate the resources accordingly. This will go a long way in making sure that the project plan is executed on a step-by-step basis. It will also help in preventing any unnecessary expenditure on resources that had not been planned for. Moreover, the personnel should be given independent but correlated roles to help increase the amount of work done and maximum teamwork.

Enhance communication

When a project is big, new ideas are often pitched from time to time, customer preferences increase and new features come up regularly. Hence, a system of communication should be set up to ensure that everyone is able to voice their opinion or ask questions regarding the project. Efficient communication often results in great teamwork and in turn good results.

Deliver Multifaceted Projects On Time and Get More Copper Benefits

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Welcome! If you are a part of a team, are a team supervisor, are a project manager or a leader of a department, you have come to the right place. You need to know about the best project management software and this is the Copper Project Management. Every company needs this software to help its teams do their invoicing, collaborate with each other and communicate in real time, especially when there are many teams working on one project. Generally, this software has been made to make managing people and projects easier.
Since 2001, the Copper Project Management software has been helping companies manage teams handling different ends of the same project. It has been offering features like enhanced and real time collaboration, easy project issues management and solutions, file sharing and a faster way of communicating with every team member, increase productivity and give the managers more control over their projects and teams.


Perhaps this is the chief benefit because no two companies’ projects and people management needs are the same. Thus, this software has been developed to leave room for customization, to meet the unique needs of different companies.
How do we offer a customized Copper Project Management? We train staff and 24-customer support. In addition, you can also be assisted with self-hosted Copper for their dedicated use only.
Copper will work with other systems that you already have in your company. For example, it will be compatible with Quickbooks, MS Project, Xero and Dropbox to name but just a few.

Avoid the traditional and go with the new

The Copper Project Management gives you an opportunity to avoid the traditional methods of managing and communicating with team members and to use new, robust methods that are very efficient. For example, email is good, it is fast, but there is no guarantee that the intended recipient will see it on time. Copper takes care of that, by bringing team members together to communicate and share files in real time.
Avoid complex software as well as the tiring spreadsheets for human resource management or for invoicing. There is a much better and easier way, and that is Copper.
Copper helps you manage tasks and post them in the “central room” where everyone who logs in can view and find out what they are supposed to be doing. The project manager can also follow up through Copper to ensure that the most urgent tasks are completed in good time.

It is very affordable

The same way that Copper is customized to meet different needs, it is also sold in differently priced packages for small and big needs. Pricing starts at $49 per month for basic packages and goes as high up as $149 per month for the premium package.