Project Management Software: How It Motivates Your Team Members

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projectImpending deadlines; project updates; team coordination; feedback; weekly deliverables; reports – all of this can take a toll on the morale of your team.

Keeping people committed and motivated when managing projects can be tricky. As a project manager, you understand that the success of your project depends on the right tools – and the assigned people on the project.Read More

Keep The Team Motivated Until The Completion Of Your Project

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Keep The Team Motivated Until The Completion Of Your Project
A Few Ways In Which To Keep A Team Motivated

Ways Of Keeping A Team Motivated

Does your team seem too bored on the project that you’re running currently? Or perhaps you want to find a way to motivate them? Try these few tips and you will not regret it.

1. Give them a clear picture of what you need

It is not all the time when the team consists of people from your organization. If the new members and those from the company do not know the goals, explain them to them in a clear manner. Never assume that they know what it is you seek to achieve. If you do that the project is doomed and is bound to fail.

2. Set personal and team goals

Competition has been used by some people as a form of motivation. Pitting people against each other is not what you want to achieve, what you seek to do is put them in a situation where they want to provide better results than other teams. The result is that the project will ultimately be better with time.

3. Increase compensation

The thing about money is not just the good life that comes with it. It is a good instrument in motivating the team. It instills a sense of being appreciated and respected. So do not be too stingy.

4. Invite feedback from the on set

What most project managers do on the first day of work is to lay down instruction upon instruction, order upon order. The only thing this achieves is to make the workers feel like they are just hired hands. In order for you to get the most out of your team, it is important that you make them feel as though their input is important. Invite questions and ideas and you will see just how good the project will turn out to be.

5. Provide what they need for the work

How would you feel if you were tasked with the responsibility to write a book, without a pen? Of course, you know it would be impossible to write anything in hardcopy without a pen. Now, imagine that you have given a group of able people the job to build a house, but you have not provided the needed materials. The lack of equipments will serve to demoralize the team, decreasing their confidence in their own abilities.
Hence, if you want to have good results from them, make sure that you provide the required materials for the work.

6. Hold regular review meetings

If you are thinking of detaching yourself from the team, better think again. It is of importance to take note that your presence during the project is very crucial. Conducting review meetings from time to time will help you and the team to assess the progress that has been made so far. Celebrate the achievements realized and put down strategies to straighten out the troubling areas.

7. Always be there for the team

You should always lead from the front. Be the best of the leader you can be. This means that you should be readily available to listen to your team, if you wish to have a motivated workforce.

Pitfalls Of Not Working With Project Management Software

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project managementPriceWaterCooper found that the use of project management software increases business performance and client satisfaction. In spite of that 44% of project managers do not use software.

That’s astounding – and frankly – quite disappointing! Even today, companies do not realize the importance of implementing effective project management software. With the changes in the industry, it is easy for the managers to lose track of the projects, costing companies thousands of dollars.Read More

Here Are 5 Ways To Get Your Project Off The Ground And Running

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Here Are 5 Ways To Get Your Project Off The Ground And Running
Easy Ways For Making Progress With Your Project

Ways of Progress of Your Project

So you just came from your boss’ office, having been put in charge of a new project. You are at your desk doing what most people in your situation do, getting nervous. You are not sure how to start the said project and if anything; you do not have any idea of where to start. Well, you are just in luck. The following are five ways to make sure that you get the project off the ground and running.

1. Understand and define the scope of your project

You now that you are smart, in fact everyone knows that, but simple projects can be very hard to start, especially when you have no idea how far to go or what it entails. Before you try anything, you need to define the scope of your project, what you will need and who you will involve. Failure to do this might be detrimental to the future of the project

2. Plan, plan, plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you are planning on starting a project without a comprehensive plan, you might just as well not start at all. To have a project that hits the ground running entails a plan on where and how you plan on getting resources, finances, how you will deal with procedural technicalities and how long you plan on taking. Write down what you intend to achieve.

3. Get a team

One man can change the world, but that is just a saying. When it comes to projects, a manager requires a team to accomplish the tasks involved. Choose a team that is not only equipped with the intellectual capabilities, but also the experience required. Additionally, engage in team building activities that will encourage them to work.

4. Outline the risks

Starting a project with the mindset that everything will work out is just wishful thinking. Things are bound to go wrong during the execution of a project. Failing to plan for risks that might occur will see you defeated and the project will fail even before it reaches a stable stage. Risks that have not been planned for strain the budget and time in turn the entire project. Ensure that you are flexible enough to deal with any unexpected occurrences.

5. Have an all-inclusive plan

That is right, you need to have a plan that can include everyone who is involved in the project. This means not only the teams on the ground, but the clients and other stakeholders as well. When everyone who should be updated is kept up to date on the progress of the project, the work moves faster and everyone basically stays on the same page.
The success of any project will depend on two things, your team and the plan for success that you will put in place. In addition, include everyone, let every team player feel appreciated and keep them up to date. If you do as advised here, you will not only have a great start, but a great finish as well.

The Need For Excellent Communication In Project Work

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The Need For Excellent Communication In Project Work
How To Enhance Communication For Project Team Members

Communication is very important in our day-to-day lives. Some say that it is not about what you say but how you say it. Being able to say what you want and what you do not want is important in ensuring that you achieve your goals. If and when you want to break up with your long term girlfriend, you have to find a language and medium through which you will relay your words. The common line, it is not you, it is me, is what I would recommend and do it in person.
However, when it comes to a large company, with so many people to talk to and so much information to relay, there is no way you can go to each person telling them what you need. You need to find better means to communicate with them.
There are means like email, which are good for communicating, but they are not foolproof. For example, how will you know that the intended recipient got the email and if they got it, whether they actually opened and read it? Find a way in which you can communicate instantly with all the team members. Just as with large corporations that have a central conference room where all meetings occur, you too can create a centralized means of communication.

People have to login to use the chat feature

You as the manager post instructions meant for your team, which they can easily access by logging into the system that you are using. Additionally, information with regards to the progress of the project is also posted and you can answer questions posted by the workers. It is not limited to interaction between you and the team; it also encompasses the stakeholders and clients.
Having an instant messaging means of communication can allow you to include your clients, vendors and stakeholders. The customer is always right, as many people would like to presume. In this constantly changing technological world, customers are and will keep being more drawn to a company that interacts with them on a daily basis. The disparity in geographical locations should not be your excuse to lose a client to your competition.

Provide a central room for your clients to monitor the project

You need to provide centralized communication to your team. With this, you do not need to worry about geographical locations. It provides a central place where clients can monitor the project, with your permission, and inspect documents, without necessarily coming to your office to do that. The time taken to email such documents to the said clients is also reduced greatly. Additionally, it increases the client’s confidence in you and your team.
Instant communication, as seen has numerous advantages. Another one is the easy monitoring of workers. Constant interaction between you and the teams enables you to know the progress they have made in the project steps. This in turn will help you to know which steps are dependent on each other and the teams that have finished their work.