Five Tips For Keeping A Project On Track

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Project management success is a tough ask. Even though you follow a set pattern – setting a deadline, allocating budgets, selecting the right people – there may be times when you feel overwhelmed.

Ever paid attention to the real cause of this situation? What should you do to avoid it? Check out these few tips that will help you manage projects successfully:Read More

How To Make Everyone Feel Included In Project Work

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How To Make Everyone Feel Included In Project Work
Making A Great Team Where Everyone Is Someone

Every project entails team members that are within the same geographic area. This might have the effect of them feeling left out of the group and in turn demoralize them. Additionally, they could also be in the same area, but they rarely meet with you or the other team members.

If you are facing this problem, try to follow these steps, to ensure that everyone feels included

1. Find a good communication basis

Try to come up with a medium of communication that is common to all but at the same time interactive. You might want to avoid emails. Employ a method that will make everyone feel as though they are in the same room. Try video conferencing or create chat groups. Set a time frame in which you will be having such conversations with the team. It could be conversations about work or your personal lives.
This will go a long way in making everyone feel included in every part of the work and the group.

2. Show that you are interested

The fact that you defined the scope of the project and told the team what is required of them is not enough to realize success. It is important that you ask the members of the team what they think and if they have any ideas as to how the project should go on. Hold a meeting now and then, not necessarily an official one. This will help everyone feel more confident in what they do and not feel like they are just hired hands.

3. Give out motivational gifts

People work for various reasons, most of which the pay. However, when the excitement dies off, they have nothing more to keep them going and within the group. Holding constant competitions between the project departments will go a long way in ensuring that everyone is involved in project and that you are all in the know. The winners of the competition should be given a bonus in line with their achievement.

4. Be a role model

Being a leader is not just about giving orders and instructions. It also involves you showing them that they can relate to you with ease. Show them that you are in on the inclusivity of all missions. In case of meetings, give each one a chance to start the meeting. If anything, you could even allow some to head and steer the meetings, or invite them out lunch, drinks and a game. It is upon you to create an environment for interaction.

5. Allow visits to the headquarter

This is specific to employees that are not within the headquarters’ geographical area. You need to schedule regular visits by those employees. This will go to them in assuring them that you consider them as an integral part of the project.
If you would like to complete a project fast, make all the team members feel included and you will never regret it. The few guidelines that we have provided here should be a good place to start.

What Determines The Success Of Your Project

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What Determines The Success Of Your Project
Here Are A Few Things That Determine Your Project Completion on Time and Budget

Is the workload becoming too much or hard to keep up with? Do not worry, that is the headache for many project managers. Keeping the different factions of the teams together, keeping the clients in the picture and most of all, keep the CEO assured that the work is still under budget and will be delivered in good time can be too much. Following the difficulties that most project managers encounter, here are a few tips to help you get started and finished on time.

The capacity of the organization

You want to make sure that everyone who is concerned with the project is fully involved in every step. For example, if it is an organization that has many stakeholders and a lot of investments have been put in the project, it means that you will need to invest in tools that can record everything and easily schedule different tasks. In case the organization is small and the project at hand can be done manually, then a simple system will be of great use.

Tasks to be done

For every project, there are different things that need to be handled. Tasks range from very complicated to very simple. You need to make sure that it will meet the needs of the tasks at hand or the ones troubling you. For example, you can have a single user system where simple lists are to be made.

Give the staff easy to understand instructions

In trying to simplify the system of working on a project, you may want the teams working on the project to use a few tools to make their work easier. In addition, you must always give ready to follow instructions simple to use guidelines that can be incorporated into the project. A complicated instructions guide that requires a lot of thinking and effort is likely to not be used by the staff.

Communication, collaboration and accountability

Project management is not just about setting goals and assigning tasks; it is also about teamwork and interrelation of employees and keeping them in the loop. Use group chats and discussions so that everyone can post their work, ensuring accountability and that everyone is aware of any development in the project. This will assure you of getting good results and the ultimate success of the project.

Customer’s involvement

Being able to involve your clients at each step of the project would be a good way of instilling confidence in them that their work is going on well and would be an added advantage to your organization. Allow the members of staff working on the project to invite clients and other stakeholders, with supervision, into the system, have discussions with them and allow them easy access to certain files.
Remember, there is more to complete a project on time rather than just these few tips. However, the most important thing is to make sure that you meet the needs of the client perfectly.

Choosing You Project Management Team- Diversity Is Important

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Choosing You Project Management Team- Diversity Is Important
The Choice Of Your Team Is Important For A Successful Project

Many are the times when you prefer to surround yourself with people that are of the same character and personality as yourself. There is a certain safety that comes with doing this. However, when it comes to projects, it is important that you do not choose people who are the same as you. Strive as much as possible to have disparity of characters and personalities. Isn’t it boring being in a room with people who always agree with what you say?
Diversity can be in the form race, language, culture and so on, the list is endless. However, the major basis on which I would advise a project manager to choose his team is personality. Your personality is who you are and rarely changes to accommodate anything.

You should avoid power struggles

It is better to choose a group of people that complement each others’ personalities. If not, you will find yourself in a situation where you have chosen ‘born to be leaders’, people who believe that only they should lead, which will ultimately lead to a power struggle. A team that has leaders and others that prefer to be led is more likely to accomplish more than a team in which everyone wants to call the shots.
Additionally, having a team with diverse views and opinions creates an environment where everyone is kept on their toes; ideas spring out every day and at most times, innovation might be sparked. The result of this is obvious. The project will be a great success in the sense that the quality of it will be of a high value. However, it is important that they know how to harmonize their diverse ideas to one.

Enjoy better productivity from a diverse team

Great productivity and success of the project is dependent on the individuals’ ability to prick each others’ strength and make up for their shortcomings. This also ensures that the team will be lively and active at all times.
Everyone has their own particular way of addressing different matters in life, be it problems or otherwise. The same goes for how you address your work. It is not uncommon to have people who have different aspects of work they prefer to pay a lot of attention to. Choosing a team that has the same procedure of working is dangerous as the results will be sub standard. It also means that some aspects of the project will not be fully looked into and worked on. No one likes substandard work.
On the other hand, choosing a team that has a detail specific, schedule specific and hyper focused people will go a long way in ascertaining good results. Every aspect of the project will be thoroughly dealt with. As they say, no stone will be left unturned.

Get your team good equipment for the job

Getting a diverse team is just the beginning. You also need to get them good equipment for the job. This could be computers and their accompanying application or software, or even cars for field work.

Essential Ingredients for Project Success

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successNo two projects are the same; but successful projects share the same set of processes, methodology and procedure.

Efficient project managers have to make quick decisions when certain aspects threaten deliverables and project completion. They take the necessary steps that bring the project back on track

Here’s how you can effectively manage projects and lead it to a successful finish:Read More