Six Deadly Project Manager Sins

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blg1The perfect project management team, manageable deadlines, proper processes in place – and yet your company experiences project failures.

Wondering what’s causing it? Inefficient project management practices.

Before you reach such a point, identify these negative behaviors that are contributing to project failures:Read More

Why Everyone Should Use The Copper Project Management Software

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There are many types of software dealing with projects, but Copper stands out from all of them. Copper is a project management software that every project manager should have for the smooth running of projects. It does not matter whether you are a client, leader or team player, but you will all enjoy its benefits in equal measure.

Project leader

As the person overseeing what is happening in a project, you need the Copper software for the following reasons:
Improving co-ordination: With this software, you will be able to ensure every team player is at par with the progress of the project. This is made possible because the Copper software enables you to convey all the information about a project at once. No one can tamper with the content except you. This way, misinformation will be curbed.
Easy directing: as a leader, one of the roles you play is directing, telling people what they are supposed to do and how they are supposed to do it and when. You need the Copper software to help you reach all the team players at once.
Effective management: Copper will enable you run the project as scheduled. Generally, you will be able to ensure everyone is at par, correct mistakes or even communicate changes. The software will enable you have an easy time completing the project.

Team player

As part of the team responsible to ensure a project is completed in time, Copper software is of great importance to you.
Role identity: the project board is a feature of the software that allows the project leader to lay out the roles of each and every member of the team. This helps you know what is expected of you. Consequently, it helps take care of role conflict.
Improved query system: with the Copper software, it is easy to seek clarification. It is instant. You can ask your team members and also the project leader. You will be able to exchange ideas with colleagues. Communication is real time thus time is saved.
Increased autonomy: this software will enable you work at your own speed, convenience but at the same time be at per with others. You also have the freedom to work from wherever you are.


Once you assign a company or group of people to do something for you, high quality work should be your first priority. Copper software will enable you take part in the project to ensure you are satisfied with the end product.
Efficient communication: the company can contact you at any time for clarification. Copper software will enable you get what you want – the full value for your money. You will be able to correct mistakes and elaborate things whenever such action may need to be taken.
Progress checks: through Copper you will be able to know how far your project is so that you do not get deceived by the service provider. This will ensure you have your project is completed as planned.

Five Benefits Of Using Copper Project Management Software

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If you have been having a hard time with your projects, it is high time you consider going for the Copper Management Software. This application guarantees the convenient running of projects.

Here are some of the great benefits that you will enjoy from this software:

1. Freedom
Copper Project Management Software is very user friendly. It allows you to work at your own pace and time but at the same time, you can be at par with others as you work on the project. Gone are the days when you had to conduct physical meetings to discuss more about a project you were working on. This way, you can work on the project at whatever place you are and at whatever time you want.
2. Real time work environment
The Copper Software enables people working on a project to communicate instantly. So long as you log into your project account, you will get everything you need on your dashboard. You will be able to see task assigned to you and your teammates, new messages and the way forward on a project. This is unlike when you text or email someone. You can never be sure they got the message.
3. Fast response to queries by team members
With the Copper project management software, you are sure that your concerns about a project you are working on will be answered immediately. This software creates the fastest connection when you need help. You might actually find that your colleagues have faced the same challenges as you. They consulted and got the answer. From them, you get assistance.
4. Improved co-ordination
When working on a project as a team, you cannot leave anything to chance. You have to ensure that each team member is up to date with the progress of the project. This means that you need to have a good software such as Copper to be able to co-ordinate the team. Copper Project Management software makes such co-ordination easier. It provides a platform for all participants to access all the information that they need about the project. This way, everyone will be acquainted with the right information to move ahead.
5. Ensures control of your portion
This software will enable you to manage your own tasks. You do not need to keep calling the project coordinator to seek clarifications. All the information you need is in the project’s account.

Functions of the project board

The success of any given project depends on how well each team player understands his or her role and that of others. Copper software offers the project board feature which basically displays the tasks assigned to different people and the most important tasks. This way, each person will have a clear picture of what is expected of them. Consequently, there will be no role conflicts.

Advantages of copper project management software

• Easy communication
• Easy to resolve queries
• Time saving
• It is unlikely to miss vital messages
• Easy co-ordination
• Communication reaches everyone(effective communication)

New Copper v5.3!

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What’s New?


Version 5.3 brings with it a range of new features and further changes to improve the user experience.


• New Menu format, combining Profile and Springboard (Now called My Tasks. So now your timers and tasks all live together)

• A new Project View with reintroduction of Project Numbers or IDs (or Job Numbers in Advertising), added Infographics for Hours and Budget. 

• New Task list formatting, including removal of highlight function, simplification of hours estimated and actual, timer repositioning, and % complete chart. Added tooltips for these too.

• New Task view formatting, making things easier to work out and aligning and anchoring elements.

• % complete for task is now based on actual hours vs estimated hours, rather than setting this when adding a comment.

• Refinements to Projects List and Organization list view to now show Organization avatars.

• New customizable Filter for “My Tasks”.

• New color formatted graph to alert you when Projects go over their estimated time.

• New formatting for Project Reports.

• New alerting colors for Project due dates to help you stay on track.

• New formatting for Project Budgets.

• Added ‘Estimated Budget’ to Project Budgets sicher viagra bestellen.

Completing Your Project Within Time and Budget

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Completing Your Project Within Time and Budget
Complete Your Project In Time Always

You have just been given a project, it is your first time heading one and you feel very fulfilled and happy that you are trusted to take on more responsibility. Your excitement about the project is just as much as your worry and stress about delivering on time. Sometimes client work can be too much and trying to employ common methods of project management will only spell out trouble for you.

Enter technology

Technology has come with immense advantages and disadvantages. However, there are more advantages than disadvantages and there is every reason why you will always complete your project on time and within the given budget. From enhancing communication, to data storage and retrieval, technology in project work will go a long way in ensuring that you get done in the shortest time possible.
Learn to schedule tasks for the entire team. The bigger the project the more scheduling you will be required to do. Scheduling helps in sequencing the project activities, assigning dates to them and allocating the required resources. This will go a long way in saving you the time to organize the work. Moving from one office to another, constantly having meetings can be exhausting and time consuming.
How long does it take you to send an email or letter? Information is crucial to all projects. The speed at which information is transmitted from you to the team working on the project, between colleagues and between you and the stakeholders and clients, matters a lot in determining how much time the project will take. Keep the communication open at all times, post orders and roles where everyone can see them. Centralizing information ensures that everyone gets information from one place, in real time.

Share information in real time

Providing information to different parties involved in the project has never been easier. You will need to create a platform that can be accessed by the staff, clients and stakeholders. This means that instructions can be accessed by the staff, and that the progress can be assessed by clients.
This will save you the time of moving from one departmental office to another and going to the client, in turn more time is taken in finishing the project. Additionally, it will lessen the worry about emails being spammed, which I know you must hate.
Do not attempt to do everything manually. Use technology, for more accuracy and speed. Find the technology tools that you can use to make your project management work easier. What do you suppose will happen if you miss out on some important details and there is no time to deal with them?
Tracking different aspects of the project is very important. Matters that need tracking range from finances, to the team’s performance, to the time taken in each project step. Having the ability to track the time spent on each project area will help you determine which ones require more time and which ones will be easy to work through.