Secrets to Successful Project Management

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managementAccording to a research, 68% of projects fail due to various reasons.

Some failures are due to poor management, inadequate requirement analysis and poor initiation.

A successful project needs a strong start, a powerful leader and a dedicated team. However, there are other aspects as well that need attention to make a project successful. Here are some of them:Read More

How to Finish Strong on Your Projects

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projectsFinishing a project and finishing it strong are two entirely different concepts.

Completing a project may mean you just dragged yourself past the ordeal, learning nothing. Whereas, finishing a project strong means you’ve worked as a team along with other dedicated members, achieved objectives that were set at the beginning, and are past the finish line with success.

Have you finished strong?Read More

Here’s Why You Missed Your Project Deadline

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deadlineFeeling overwhelmed with too many projects, with near-impossible deadlines? Has that been happening often lately? If the answer is yes, then you need to reevaluate your way of handling and managing projects.

Here are four reasons why you’ve been unable to keep up with your project’s deadline:Read More

Five Signs That Your Project Is Failing

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project failingAppropriate project management is crucial for a company’s success. Considering its importance, companies do not pay much attention to its initiation and progress.

To keep yourself from such situations, you should be aware of the sings of failure and the challenges you’ll face when handling a project. Here are five warning signs that your project is on the verge of becoming unsuccessful:Read More

Avoid these Common Project Management Mistakes

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softwareWhether it’s project management or a different field, mistakes are inevitable. However, you need to make sure to learn from them, so as to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

As a project manager, stay away from these mistakes as they can cause delays to your project and contribute to its failure:Read More