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Please note this is the help area for version 4 (April 2013), for the latest version 5 help click here.

Managing Permissions for Users and Groups

Users must be allocated permission rights by an admin User. An admin User has ‘superUser’ powers, meaning they can grant/deny/restrict permissions for all other Users. This can be done via the Admin module, or when creating or editing a Client, Project or Task. They can do anything within the system and therefore it is advisable to keep your Admin account untouched and create a second Admin account for this use.

The Copper permissions model is managed on four levels: Modules, Clients, Projects, and Tasks.

Modules – what a User can see in their menu when they log in
Clients – gives access to Client data, including all Projects and Tasks for each Client.
Projects – allows a User to view Projects
Tasks – allows a User to view Tasks

Other definitions:
Deny – prevents a User from accessing data
Read – allows a User to read data but prevents editing
Write – allows a User to read and edit or create data

Clients/Projects/Tasks permissions
If the User has access to the Clients module, you can next set access for specific Clients. All Client records are denied by default so you need to explicitly grant access to a Client either during creation or via the admin view. Client access is suitable for Account managers, Senior managers, or Clients (Note you need to create a User for a Client to be able to log in).
If the User has access to the Projects module, you can set them to have access to specific Projects. All Projects are denied by default, unless the User has access to the Client record (in which case they see all Projects). Project access is suitable for Project managers, participants who need access to all Tasks, or Client Users restricted to a single Project.
You can have a User work on individual Tasks within a Project via their Springboard by simply allocating a Task to that User. In order to have a Task display in the springboard you need to allocate a resource to a Task, regardless of the User’s permissions. Task access is suitable for Subcontractors, support staff, or any User you don't wish to see full Project details.

A User with a Deny setting to the Projects module means they will not see the Projects icon in the main menu when they log in.
A User with Read access to the Projects module will see the icon when they log in, but won't be able to create new Projects.
A User with Write access to the Clients module will see the Clients icon when they log in, and be able to create new Clients as well as view and edit any Project underneath that Client.
A User allocated to a Task will see that Task in their springboard, along with any related Files or contacts, but not have access to the Project or Client details.
A User might be given access to a "sign-off" Task where they can log in and review Files and post comments or logged hours without access to other Tasks or Project information.

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